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carchic, Mar 2, 7:09am
To look out for! good vehicles! any advice! cheers

intrade, Mar 2, 7:18am
basically if its cheap then you got to ask why . there is usually only 1 reason for it that no one wants the crap .

phillip.weston, Mar 2, 7:19am
I hear the VW Tiguans with the DSG gearbox is a good reliable alternative.

carchic, Mar 2, 7:19am
cheap! i mean 2000 year plus, not $2000 for the vehicle

thejazzpianoma, Mar 2, 7:21am
The Estima is quite bulky and thirsty. There are better alternatives which will cost half as much to run, but they are not Japanese so you won't get any sensible opinions on those from this forum.

outbidyou2, Mar 2, 7:22am

phillip.weston, Mar 2, 7:22am
what are the better alternatives which cost half as much to run!

jmma, Mar 2, 7:22am
Your arm is getting brown right up to the elbow (o:

thejazzpianoma, Mar 2, 7:23am
Yip it sure is. In all my years on this forum we have only had one person come on here with a DSG problem.

extrayda, Mar 2, 7:26am
Bulky=spacious, thirsty = pretty average (same as my 2.5 Cefiro).
Good reliable vehicles from what I could find out, had mine for about a year now, with no problems.We have a 2001 2.4 Estima 8 seater.Was told that the 3 litres are more prone to problems than the 2.4, but not sure why that was supposed to be, they are certainly faster. The 2.4 is fine for what we need though.We found that if you wanted a proper 7/8 seater for people who had legs (tall), then there wasn't much other options in this price range.Odyssey's / ipsums etc were all small in the back.If you only really need a 4 seater, with space for more sometimes, a smaller vehicle might be a better option.On a good note, they don't have DSG gearboxes ;-)(sorry Jazz !)!

extrayda, Mar 2, 7:27am
Multipla etc no good if you want to seat more than 6 people - what do you actually need the car for!Estimas are based on a car platform (Camry platform I think), so are nicer to drive than the van alternatives also.

intrade, Mar 2, 7:28am
i recommend a toyota petrol with 4 cilinder engine . townace noha or ipsum the estima is a pile of rubish. usually theyhave the name estima enima= esteamer -enema if you dont know what a enema is the google it these cars sure are that.

extrayda, Mar 2, 7:29am
Plus with the added hight of the Estima, you can see all of the VW products in the local garages waiting for parts as you drive past :-)

intrade, Mar 2, 7:29am
then get acamry and not some abortioni say.

extrayda, Mar 2, 7:29am
intrade, why do you say the Estima is rubbish!Note that they are not talking about the original one with the engine under the seats and cooling issues, but the later model with the engine in the front.

extrayda, Mar 2, 7:30am
What Camry seats 8! Please tell.

thejazzpianoma, Mar 2, 7:30am
Yeah thats the important question, what are you using it for.
(I was mostly just be a smarty responding to PW)
IF however you are only using 6 or less seats the Multipla is great because you can take 6 AND luggage. Or 5 People and all their bikes without knocking the bikes down. I am not joking about it being half the cost to run either. And the Multipla is not slow. far from it!

Anyhow, I have to go. Best of luck OP.

extrayda, Mar 2, 7:31am
Haha Jazz, I hate to admit it, but if I need to get a 6 seater at some point, I would at least have a look at the later model multipla.Not the one that looks like a duck though.

carchic, Mar 2, 7:32am
Doesnt the Ipsum and the Estima have the same engine the 2.4ltr one anyway

thejazzpianoma, Mar 2, 7:33am
Having done over 100'000km in my current one I can tell you they are a phenomenal vehicle in terms of practicality. What else gives you stupidly economical running, handling, power and super practicality all in one package!

carchic, Mar 2, 7:33am
I have kids, want it to be able to take all the im the car at once LOL 7 seater would be fine. but as above said not many with actual leg room in case adults come i nthe car.

trdbzr, Mar 2, 7:34am
Jazz is a proven liar on these forums. Don't believe a single word he says.

extrayda, Mar 2, 7:37am
That was my requirements, 4 kids (2 older and tall) plus 2 adults - all must have full 3 point belts.Occasional extra 1 or 2 adults, who have to risk the lap belts.Thats the main thing I fault the car on, the middle two belts are both lap belts, but as we use 6 all the time (full belts) and the other two only sometimes, thats fine.We looked at things like the Nissan Elgrand thing (3.5 litre, quite good fun actually, but drove like a van, and was much noisier than the Estima), and also the Noah which is a van.All of the other little 7 seater things are really only a 5 + occassional 2 seater.Budget ruled out some of the newer options which might have given us more choice.

extrayda, Mar 2, 7:38am
If you do look at Estima's watch the centre seat configuration, we came across some where the centre seat was all one piece, not 60/40 split, which would be a major pain if you had car seats etc.

intrade, Mar 2, 7:39am
i did hear the newer enema was better with engine up front .

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