Toyota Caldina. When you buy a caldina with a big japanese stereo thingy how easy is it to change to english or change

waihekeshells, Apr 29, 1:14am
When you buy a Caldina with a big Japanese stereo thingy, how easy is it to change to English or change!

luxy, Apr 29, 1:17am
Do you still get japanese stations!

waihekeshells, Apr 29, 1:20am
Not sure to be honest, haven't got it yet, bought it yesterday but haven't taken delivery.I remember the language in writing on the screen was in Japanese.I think the music was english, ie Auckland radio station.

littleliz5, Apr 29, 1:23am
I've got one of these cars - I've been told that you need a whole new system as there is no translation.That could of course be a sales tactic but I just make do with the CD player (use the 'tilt' option and the screen will tilt and you can wak a CD in).
The radio only goes up to 90FM but it can pick up any NZ stations under that frequency.Not sure if the band extender would work in it (haven't tried it)

waihekeshells, Apr 29, 1:25am
FYI my hubby just talking to a friend who works on cars, he says you can get a translater thingy whatchmacallit, but you lose the CD facility.Yes, the stations we will have are limited, sounds just like yours.Perhaps a total replacement is required for normal operation!

kazbanz, Apr 29, 1:37am
WS somebody is telling you bigBIG porkies
A reply to an earlier question about a similar vehicle
Ok to start with. The satnav will never work in NZ. You will NOT lose the cd player function
If you remove the unityou will lose your reversing camera if its installed and if it has front cameras you will lose this too.
You CAN fit a kiwi radio in the hole. You will need either what is calleda double din sterio (double height) and the toyota spacer kit or a standard radio,a pocket for under it and a spacer kit. --Toyota sterios are 10mm wider than a normal sterio,
Yes you can get a Band expander fitted and if you buy a GOOD expanded you will get all the kiwi stations.

mantagsi, Apr 29, 7:23am
What year caldina is it! With the earlier ones the trim panel opening is thankfully standard, but with the later ones (2001 onwards I think they start at) are like a lot of modern cars where the radio and the trim panel surround are all as one, so replacing the radio can be a bit of an exercise. Best thing to do would be to fit a band expander.

kazbanz, Apr 29, 9:14pm
Mate the custom panel is actually a factory toyota part that replaces that section of dash when its for the nz,auzzie,euro market.From memory its about $100 for the kit

studio1, Apr 29, 9:56pm
Band expanders in general are not effective in NZ. Especially around Auckland where there's a lof of high powered stations coming off the Sky Tower. The expanders suffer from front end RF overload and you get multiple stations all coming in on top of each other.
Best option is to replace the Jappa stereo with a decent one that picks up all NZ frequencies esp. on FM - 87.5 - 108 MHz.

ceebee2, Apr 29, 11:07pm
Interesting as the 20 odd band expanders I have fitted didn't have that problem at all. All happy campers.

kazbanz, Apr 29, 11:21pm
You are a long way behind the times.--The new generation QUALITYband expanders get all the stationsand in honesty the reception is pretty darn good.

kazbanz, Apr 30, 12:13am
Gosh mon I'm sorry I'm pretty sure the caldina one is the same But in factI just did an altezza gita and the part was on the shelf for that.-brain fart

mantagsi, Apr 30, 10:39am
Seen plenty of Altezza trim panels from Toyota, but yeah never seen a Caldina one. Would be handy if it was available :) Glad my caldina is the old sort, no hassles!

guestbuffy, Dec 18, 3:25am
esta no buena e malo

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