Toyota Caldina - new shape 2003 onwards

sport_billy, Jan 15, 11:13pm
Hi all,
Looking at a Caldina (new shape! In either the ZT 2 litre n/a or GT4 turbo trims.

Anyone own/drive a GT4 model! Heard they are worse on fuel than an equivalent Subaru model - which is also on the list to potentially buy.

As for the ZT model, are they reliable! Cheap to run! Real world info please, not just 'yes because it's a Toyota :) I do appreciate they do make some reliable cars.

Anything to be aware of with the above models!

Thanks !

curlcrown, Jan 16, 12:24am
The 2 litre D4 has very good fuel econimy, however petrol is only one pert of running costs and these engines are prone to problems which are expencive to fix. They are not a typical toyota.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 16, 12:29am
They are a global orphan. Cheap Japanese domestic market wagon that was initially intended to be sold to tradesmen as something they could use for work and the family. Never intended to be sold outside Japan.

As above avoid the D4 which if my memory serves correct is all the 2.0 N/A ones.

Be wary of value for money, some people seem to want stupid sums for them. Why you would pay Audi Quattro money for one I do not know.

trdbzr, Jan 16, 1:17am
Go for the 1.8L one or the 2L turbo one, avoid the 2L D4 version. They are good cars. They are very reliable and running cost is comparable to similar cars, but obviously it also depends on how you drive it.

_peas, Jan 16, 7:21am
Sounds like a good thing to me!They are a respectable wagon than CAN be reliable, not always.The age you are looking at is more a large hatchback than wagon though so bear that in mind.

I have heard that the 2.0l D-4 models can give you massive bills, no 1st hand exp though.I would recommend taking the 1.8 for a drive first and make sure that it has enough go for you with 3-4 people in it.The ZZ engines (1.8) are known to be a little peaky (making power higher in the revs rather than low down torque)The GT-Four models use plenty of gas but you get plenty of power as well so it is to be expected.Aim for a 2WD model if you are after economy and don't have any need for 4WD.

ryanm2, Jan 16, 7:47am
Sounds like you should just buy a Subaru of equivalent year and save yourself a lot of money.

ryanm2, Jan 16, 7:49am
On that note - the 03 onwards Subaru's , in particular the Legacy's. How are they, we currently have a 2002 GT30 and are looking at upgrading to an 06 Outback 3 litre with the Si Drive thing-a-ma-jig.

mantagsi, Jan 16, 7:51am
FWIW I have an older model turbo caldina, but same motor as the newer turbo ones (Gen 4 3SGTE) and yep, swags of power, goes like mad when you want it to, but it has a thirst that would outlast religion, so yeah, wouldn't bother with that model unless you don't mind forking out for gas regularly :) Oh, and I think they come auto only too, so I don't know if you want a manual or not! But no one seems to want one anymore, boohoo

sport_billy, Jan 16, 8:35am
Thanks for the thoughts all, its the other halves car so will suggest she drive a 1.8 version.

Myself Im looking at a 3.0 litre manual legacy.

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