Toyota caldina help

yodagirl, Aug 21, 2:19pm
Hi there. I have a Toyota caldina. 2002. It’s just had a brand new battery after being completely dead. After battery was replaced. Car now continues to beep even when turned off. Which ends up draining the battery. I’ve googled but can’t seem to find a way to sort this or reset it. Any help greatly appreciated

kazbanz, Aug 21, 2:26pm
I'd suggest that the issue isn't new but is in fact the cause of the last battery death.
What beep are you hearing ? When are you hearing it?
continuous or a series of four beeps?
Sound continues with key removed from ignition?

yodagirl, Aug 21, 2:36pm
Continuous beeps when key is removed. It has happened before when the remote starter was tampered with by my son. But after some fiddling with it , it stopped. Not a series of 4 beeps.

budgel, Aug 21, 2:56pm
Are you sure you havent left some lights on? One of my cars beeps if I have.

yodagirl, Aug 21, 3:08pm
Definitely no lights on. They are automatic. And I’ve switched that option off. So they are definitely not on. The beeping sounds different to the reverse beep, the seatbelt not on beep, or the car door open beep.

kazbanz, Aug 21, 3:19pm
ok so that is the car telling you the door is open and the key is in the ignition. The beeping should stop when the door is closed.
To see if Im correct take key out of ignition and open the door. Then close it again when you are still sitting in the car-OR put window down and get out-close the door.If the beeping stops when door is closed you know its the key in alarm going

yodagirl, Aug 21, 3:26pm
It beeps with the key in the ignition and door closed. And beeps with door closed and key out of the ignition. It’s a different beep to that kind

kazbanz, Aug 21, 3:39pm
It sounds--based on your words-like there is a fault in the ignition barrel --ie the lectric sensors. take it to a sparky to be sorted--meanwhile as a "just for now" solution.-disconnect the battery when not driving.

regy_2005, Oct 20, 5:52am
If auto are you leaving it in park position?

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