Hi Stop Light,Toyota caldina wagon

vintage01, Dec 10, 8:11pm
Some of the lamp not going,can they be repaired? had WOF check and will fail next time if not sorted

marte, Dec 10, 9:09pm
If it's incandescent bulbs, just replace them, expensive bulbs for what they are.

If it's LED, then it's probably corroded soldering & you either replace the whole unit.
Or find the same brightness LED & replace the weak & dud ones. Or replace all of them.
A 2nd hand unit might be a easy way to replace it. Or to provide LED replacements, but a 2nd hand unit will probably be in the sameish condition.
Viable if it's a easy swap over of units.

One unit I looked at replacing the incandescent bulbs with a LED strip, and didn't, just got 12 new bulbs @ a ridiculous price.
The other one I could replace the 4 incandescents with LED bulbs. I used the LEDs with a gold plated contact strip on them. Red ones too.
The Supercheap ones with just a strip of wire contact on the base keep flickering since they don't provide a decent contact, don't buy them.

vintage01, Dec 10, 9:46pm
thanks for info,car still has about half going but few blank,you know these WOF places always find something.

franc123, Dec 10, 9:55pm
It is supposed to be a fail, they are not supposed to have more than 20% of the bulbs or LEDs out in the unit. Be thankful you have been granted time to fix it.

kazbanz, Dec 10, 11:01pm
how old is the cardinal and where is the high stop? As in window or spoiler ?

vintage01, Dec 11, 8:09am
98 caldina in the spoiler above rear tailgate.

kazbanz, Dec 11, 8:55am
Im fairly sure the caldina only uses the W5W (T10) baseless bulbs and some will just be blown. The PITA is actually getting in there to access them.Ie 22 years of corrosion . "quick" fix is to put an LED Hi stop on the window just below the spoiler and use the original wiring to feed it.
Just to qualify-Im working on memory here.

intrade, Dec 11, 9:51am
i have one to stickon replace . you can also repair the bulbs . if you are handy you would want to watch bigclive.com and learn how to solder etc.
i replaced some on a toyota and it had 6 big bulbs in there or something they are quite expensive to buy trade price also.
just to explain these are 3 different scenareos. not that some immature morons say again i was wrong . What i post is just information and not what i claim to be.

vintage01, Dec 11, 11:59am
Yep thanks again,Caldina is very low Ks for its age,and well looked after,i have 2 other vehicles,but this is so easy to use and deserves to be kept sweat.,will remove light now and have a look.

vintage01, Dec 11, 4:36pm
OK removed item,and looks like row of LED,little blobs,all sealed up,so will have to get aftermarket thing aqnd stick on the glass.

kazbanz, Dec 11, 5:18pm
Maybe not. If you grab a Narva LED Hi stop light you should be able to open it up and swap the guts of it with the factory unit. Its only two wires to connect up.

vintage01, Oct 11, 2:46am
Ok will look into it thanks

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