BMW 323i Brake lights not working

moosuz, Mar 31, 10:22am
Hello All

Hoping i can get some help here today i replaced 1 of my reverse lights and then all of a sudden my brake lights no longer work ive checked the fuse and the lights all good and got told maybe the switch but no nothing bout them lol can you help please!


Frustrated new BMW owner

jmma, Mar 31, 10:25am
Maybe dislodged a connector on back of light when fitting reverse bulb!

moosuz, Mar 31, 10:30am
Connector e.g Wire!

jmma, Mar 31, 10:40am
Yes push on or push together plastic things with wires sticking out of them on the back of the lights (o:

carlz05, Mar 31, 10:40am
Go Back and check where you were changing the reversing lights.The contacts on the BMW 3 series back lights are really fussy.Double check the brake light bulbs are in tight.If need be undo and screw them back in a couple of times.
As you've disturbed the area, theres lose conact or earth, so the brake lights suddenly don't work.I've had exactly the same frustration previously.Its in the area where you worked on the reversing lights.Make sure all conacts are clean and shiny on every part of the brake light connection and you'll get there.Its called the joy of owning a BMW, or the frustation!.

moosuz, Mar 31, 10:55am
ok thanks will do that tomorrow they are tepramental at the moment have to push hard on brake and the came on but no if u just putting them on to slow down and even pushing hard and 90% of the time just dont come on .
who would have thought changing the buld would cause so much problems.

saxman99, Mar 31, 6:36pm
Sounds more like a problem with the switch under the pedal.

moosuz, Mar 31, 11:19pm
yea we were lookin at switch taking to mecanic friend today to determin problem

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