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murph2068594, Jul 7, 9:14pm
Ok, how much damage is done when you are following a muppet who is resting their foot on the brake pedal!

The brake lights and hi-vis center brake light were on all the way to Christchurch.what kind of car!Red EA Ford Falcon.

steve312, Jul 7, 9:27pm
Or possibly just a stuffed brake light switch!

kevymtnz, Jul 7, 9:30pm
and if the pads are slightly binding they will get hot, you can smell it when following, if they need to use them they will find brake fade
happens quite alot
but mr plod is never looking for driver behavior but instead at stop points looking for wof n regos and ones doing 108kph on a striaght rd

scuba, Jul 7, 10:28pm
so you think they should pull over everyone with brake lights on---there's a good idea

kazbanz, Jul 7, 11:16pm
why would any damage be done to you or your car!

eagles9999, Jul 8, 12:14am
murph2068594 wrote:

Ok, how much damage is done when you are following a muppet who is resting their foot on the brake pedal!

Exactly! Seems maybe the muppet is the one asking.

gunhand, Jul 8, 12:19am
Probably quite alot, you have possably shortend yout life by a year getting all worked up about someone elses problem. Just chill and keep well back as know doubt you did.
Of course being a Red EA falcon its prob just a fault.
I worry more when I see an indiactor going for several KMs, now that has potential for an accident to happen.

berg, Jul 8, 1:30am
Actually spoke to a woman a few months ago who was driving with the brake lights constantly on (was a fowlcan too) and nope, it wasn't a faulty switch. Just resting her foot on the brake pedal. Asked her about brakes and she did complain that she only got 5-8,000kms out of front pads (no surprises there) and had replaced front discs as they (in her words) made the pedal wobble. Told her what she was doing and then watched her dissappear into the traffic with (100mtrs or so further) the brake lights back on again. You can lead a horse to water.

nzdoug, Jul 8, 5:52am
Dragging brake lights gives you a "DUMMY AHEAD" warning.
Take countermeasures immediately.

lpggas, Jul 8, 6:00am
Even worse are the clowns who dab the brakes in every corner when driving on the main road . They get half way round the bend & dab the brakes . Notlong enough to actually scrub any speed off so why do it .not that you should be begin braking half way through a corner anyway

skygone1, Jul 8, 6:31am
Learn to drive an auto with your left foot on the floor at all times or you will become a statistic one day if you happen to drive amanual. Old habits return very quick in an emergency and the clutch doesent stop you even when you push it hard.

sr2, Jul 8, 6:45am
Utter rubbish; left foot braking on an automatic is fine (that's why they made the pedal bigger), in fact it's far better for car control. If you??

aredwood, Jul 8, 9:22am
How does using my left foot to press the brake compared to my right foot improve car control! Apart from making it easier to do burnouts!

unbeatabull, Jul 8, 9:25am
Anyone who has been around a race track would know :)

Allows you to control both the throttle and brake at the same time which you can't do if you use the same foot for brake/throttle, unless you're really good at Heel/Toeing

lpggas, Jul 8, 9:54am
True . but not really a option for most of the unskilled masses who drive on on our roads , Can say I'd like to see most of the muppets who got there licenses of a weetabix packet using both feet , Even amongst top level motor sport drivers not many have mastered that technique . I think only Murph amongst the current V8 supercar drivers .

murph2068594, Jul 8, 1:00pm
Hello.I was asking about the car in front of me, nothing to do with my car.yet a see one of the answers on this thread is you go through a set of brake pads rather quick.too bad for the motor and transmission trying to do 100 kph with the brakes on.

sr2, Jul 8, 7:53pm
A huge number of drivers left foot brake when driving automatics, the suggestion that this causes a problem when switching to manuals is nothing more than an urban myth. Your statement that ???Even amongst top level motor sport drivers not many have mastered that technique ??? is simply incorrect, left foot braking in motorsport is very common!

friendly_prawn, Jul 8, 8:06pm
Its actually a really dangerous situation to be resting your foot on the brake pedal while driving a red coon. Other colours are much safer.

kazbanz, Jul 8, 10:27pm
Actually on the left foot braking front. I understand that its convention to drill into students to drive with your right foot only when driving an auto. For the life of me Ive never worked out why. My boys left foot brake and always have done in their go karts

berg, Jul 8, 10:49pm
At work they discourage left foot braking and don't activily teach it but they are OK with it if you can prove you know what you are doing. Their theory is an unpractised driver might just end up panicing and standing on both pedals. I'm a left foot braker from way back, rally cars, speedway and go carts so I have no problems with it.

mrfxit, Jul 8, 10:57pm
WHEN . will the "racing ppl" on this board get teh idea in to their collective thick heads that the average joe bloggs has NO REAL IDEA on how to handle left foot braking & that for anybody following a left foot braking Joe bloggs, it's a disaster waiting to happen.
Or is it that the "left foot pro's on public roads"enjoy the prospect of being RAMMED UP THE rear end (--> (o) ;-(

tigra, Jul 9, 12:18am
I'm too old to race any morebut been left foot braking in autos for a decade or so and never once been close to having somebody in my boot.

deviant.s, Jul 9, 12:18am
Sr2 you are completely wrong. You should only ever use your right foot when driving an automatic.

tigra, Jul 9, 12:19am
Now "hell toeing" thats a much harder skill to teach or acquire

supernova2, Jul 9, 9:14am
How many of these are muppets with cruise control who suddenly find a downchange has occured halfway around the corner and they are trying to control a car at 100 in a 75k cnr.Cruise is not a good think for a lot of nz roads IMHO.

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