Electrical prob.window sill leak 88 surf

simeon_, Jul 2, 12:43am
my surf hilux has a leak due to old windscreen seal i think.was giving a bit of wet carpet smell on days where it was real wet but now the truck is losing all ignition lights and power to he truck.i left in garage for a day and then it would start but now the park lights are stuck on.im guessing water has leaked down onto wiring near the floor fuse box and also the other side.going to dehumidifie the truck overnigth and have seal fixed in the morning.hoping the power failure comes right

mugenb20b, Jul 2, 2:44am
Cool story bro.

Just kidding. What do you want to know exactly!

simeon_, Jul 2, 3:08am
to solve the power failure .electrical problem.perhaps someone with automotie electrical skills can help me

mrfxit, Jul 2, 3:12am
Engine side of firewall / right hand side under the brake master cylinder.
There are several cables running through the firewall at that point.
Also, the fuse box is on the right hand door pillar & prone to getting wet from the above leak
THAT will be where your water leak is

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