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fungus_the_loon, Jun 25, 8:18pm
I have a 1990 Mitsi Lancer sedan which I'm trying to pull the rear drum off to adjust the handbrake.It doesn't have holes to thread bolts into, and there are no other screws holding it on.I don't have access to a puller and have tried beating it with a hammer but the damn thing won't budge.And yes the handbrake is off, I've been caught by that before.Anyone know if I'm missing something!

wimwom, Jun 25, 8:53pm
Remove centre cap, split pin, and undo the nut!

desmodave, Jun 25, 8:55pm
Can you not adjust the handbrake on the hub from behind the hub.There could be a small rubber bung to remove to get to the adjuster.

fungus_the_loon, Jun 25, 9:32pm
Hey wimwom, I never thought of that.Haven't had to do it like that on any of my previous cars.There is no split pin just the nut (which I don't have a big enough socket to fit haha) I'll give it a go.Have you worked on the same car before!

desmo - no, there is no access to the adjuster from outside the drum.

pge, Jun 25, 9:32pm
You have to pull the whole hub, including bearings.

At least, I had to, on the three Lancers I had.

Do as wimwom suggests.

Good luck.

wimwom, Jun 25, 9:49pm
Yea, i have owned quite a few. Been some years now though. I recall now the nut doesn't have a split pin, sorry.

opos, Jun 25, 10:31pm
is there no adjustment inside if you take the cover off the hand brake lever! or under the car where the cable comes out!

fungus_the_loon, Jun 25, 10:45pm
Yes there is, but only one side needs to be adjusted, and it has to be done at the wheel end.

tonyrockyhorror, Jun 25, 10:51pm
Don't overtighten the stub axle nut (just tight enough to take the play out of the assembly and little more) and be sure to swage the nut extension back onto the stub axle slot.

You don't adjust shoes using the handbrake cable adjuster.

opos, Jun 25, 11:34pm
no shit op says handbrake if you can read at start of thread

carmedic, Jun 25, 11:43pm
Professionals don't adjust the handbrake on the cable mate, if you have the shoes adjusted correctly you will generally have a good hand brake.

mugenb20b, Jun 26, 6:36am
On a '90 Lancer, I'm pretty sure the stub axle nut has to be FT. There's no split pin from memory. The bearings have a spacer between them.

johnf_456, Jun 26, 6:41am
Yup providing its adjustable of course. Unlike some disc operated handbrakes at the rear by wheel.

johnf_456, Jun 26, 6:45am
See the edit.

mugenb20b, Jun 26, 6:55am
It made no difference, so


lyonruge, Jun 26, 7:24am
If its got discs on the rear, they gonna have problems getting the drums off arnt they.

lyonruge, Jun 26, 7:25am
and , disc handbrakes are adjustable, just have to know what youre doing.

johnf_456, Jun 26, 7:26am
Didn't say that was the issue

fungus_the_loon, Jun 26, 10:42am
Interesting replies here.

What is 'FT' !

tonyrockyhorror, Jun 26, 11:11am
I honestly can't remember what system they use but regardless there will be some method of locking - knock down ring on the end of the nut, castellated cover with split pin or whatever.

If there's a spacer they won't be taper roller bearings which should not be cranked. If there's a spacer, then it'll make no difference.

tonyrockyhorror, Jun 26, 11:11am
Finger tight.

fungus_the_loon, Jun 26, 11:48am
Finger tight!lol. ok.

lyonruge, Jun 26, 9:03pm
The title of the thread is, Removing brake drums on a lancer!

fungus_the_loon, Jun 30, 4:46am
Ok so the brakes are all done, car passed the warrant.But one question - why on earth is there no split pin to secure the hub nut!!Is it really enough for the nut to just be FT!

mugenb20b, Jun 30, 4:56am
Was the nut tight when you tried to get it off!

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