Mitsubishi 1.6l Brake Lights/Dash Lights Fail

bencampbell1, Jun 27, 5:55am
Hi guys, so I recently got a mitsubishi Libero and installed a stereo two days ago. Up until yesterday everything was fine until suddenly the dash lights went off (on the speedo, ac ones etc never worked) and when i was being followed by a friend at night he said my brake lights were only on when i would brake, they wouldn't 'glow' (for lack of a better word) like they normally would. Anyone know what the problem would be! Fuse or something a bit more sinister! Thank you.

jasongroves, Jun 27, 5:58am
Fuse would have blown due to illumination wire or similar being confused with an accessory positive feed.
Pull stereo out, wire it up properly then replace the fuse.

jasongroves, Jun 27, 5:59am

andrea_w, Jun 27, 6:12am
You've grounded the Illumination circuit. I would say "rookie mistake" but it's not. Even rookies TEST THE WIRING
Find the offending wire, insulate it or connect it to the stereos Orange wire (your stereo may/may not have this) and replace the fuse.

bencampbell1, Jun 27, 6:22am
Ok thanks. yea I've hooked up a fair few stereos before but this one stumped me. i just went off how it was hooked up to the last stereo which was in. thanks :)

johnf_456, Jun 27, 6:30am
As above, the headdeck illumination circuit is a earth when lights off etc but as soon as you turn on the headlights it becomes live power. As a result blowing the fuse instant as above. A common mistake.

bencampbell1, Jun 27, 6:40am

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