Key stuck in door lock

sharlie4, Aug 6, 11:12am
My key is stuck in the door lock on my Nissan Mistral. Any ideas on how to remove it! At first I thought that maybe a pin had come out inside the barrel causing it to jam, but now I think it may be something to do with the central locking as the key slot doesn't return to the vertical position.

sharlie4, Aug 6, 11:17am
Yeah tried all that stuff but it doesn't free the key.

3962, Aug 6, 11:17am
Can you not use the main central lock switch in the car & then try to get your key out!

3962, Aug 6, 11:20am
Can you pull the key out even though it doesn't return to vertical! My Commodore has a deadlock system where when you lock the doors with the key, it won't return to vertical & all the doors will not open unless you turn key to vertical again.

sharlie4, Aug 6, 11:25am
The key wont return to vertical, I think that's why it doesn't come out, maybe I could try the passsenger door with the spare key to see if it does. Be a really rotten bummer if it got stuck too.

jono2912, Aug 6, 11:32am
Try a bit of CRC in the lock, and wiggle it around a bit.

sharlie4, Aug 6, 11:35am
tried CRC and a wriggle,.and a tap. and a heave . and a jiggle . thinking of breaking it off just so it's not so obviously unlocked.

ginga4lyfe, Aug 6, 12:01pm
I would think that the lock barrel has turned over with the inner barrel and jammed itself on the locking arm inside the door, best bet is to pull the door card off and see if this has indeed happened, if it has, you may need a new barrel or door, depending on whats damaged and were, its no use putting in a new barrel if the barrel locator /position/things have worn or torn away, either way if Sharlie's way doesn't work, you will have to remove the barrel anyways

kazbanz, Aug 6, 9:55pm
My thinking is -Remove the door lock completely. Fit the left door lock on the right hand side (youy have to swap the locking arm over)and put a bit of duct tape over the hole in the passenger door.
This makes the vehicle semi secure and means that the barrel can now be taken to a locksmith to be sorted. And if all he can do is get the key out then its the passenger side anyway so rarrely usedDuring the process you may find its another problem as others have outlined. You may even find that the process of just taking the door lock out shows you the problem and you can sto.

sharlie4, Aug 7, 9:27am
Good idea Kaz, thanks

supernova2, Aug 7, 12:24pm
Had same problem, had to take key barrell out and to a locksmith.Turned out the key had been cut on the wrong blank so pins sliped down side of key or some such.New key on correct blank and all sweet.

lustee32, Aug 7, 8:00pm
or just take the whole car to the locksmith

klrider, Sep 20, 7:18pm
If you sanp the key off close to the lock you wont see it, end of problem.