Surf draining battery within hours?

minky_06, Aug 7, 10:36pm
Any ideas what would be causing this in my 1990 surf! Ive had the alternator fixed last week and its charging the battery but when left for a few hours with key out of ignition completely drains the battery. Have made sure alllights are off radios not going and the alternators not draining it because it makes no difference weather live wire on alternator is connected or not

johnf_456, Aug 7, 10:38pm
Whats your knowledge like of using a multimeter!

minky_06, Aug 7, 10:41pm
Not too bad but i dont have one lol

skin1235, Aug 7, 10:50pm
disconnect the battery between uses, if it still doesn't go the battery is stuffed, whereas if it then works okay you have a large drain, maybe the heater etc is no longer turning off ( large drain to flatten a charged battery in a few hours as opposed to a small light in glovebox type drain)

kcf, Aug 7, 10:53pm
normally I'd have said alternator having packed a sad, and running a continual drain on the battery.Have you tested the alternator, or just fitted unknown condition used one!

crzyhrse, Aug 7, 11:03pm
Did this happen before the alternator was changed and was the alternator a reconditioned one or just second hand!

minky_06, Aug 7, 11:12pm
Hi definetly not battery as have tried three different ones and know they are good batterys start it great.and have tried what poster 5 suggested. The alternater was reconditioned had bearings and brushes done. It has only started it since alternator being fixed

hyphen, Aug 7, 11:13pm
Alternator wired up to suck instead of blow! perhaps

phillip.weston, Aug 7, 11:16pm
sounds like the rectifier in the alternator is draining the battery. When this happens the Alternator can still charge 100%, just the alternator circuit drains 5-10A off the battery at all times.

skin1235, Sep 20, 4:00pm
okay, you tried what I suggested, what was the result
it started okay = continual drain
it was still flat = stuffed battery