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realtrader1, Aug 6, 2:05am
Good product and value for money.Bendix, CP, Silverline (SLP, NOT XL), Repco, Ferodo etc. etc.Don't need any just yet but good to know first hand experience from different people.Wear rate, rotor wear, dust, stopping power etc.Where would you place them on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being tops!

realtrader1, Aug 6, 2:20am
Btw, just for normal driving conditions, stock standard car application ie not racing etc.

kingfisher21, Aug 6, 2:24am
Wouldn't put Silverline's in my worst enemies vehicle, CP Ceramics from BNT seem to be good value at the mo. Trying a set in my Commodore at the mo, would rate them an 8 so far.

mm12345, Aug 6, 2:25am
Supercheap $25 ones, which are in a fold-out cardboard pack sealed under plastic, and almost certainly from exactly the same chinese sweatshop as other brands sold in identical packaging with different brand names / printing on the packs, by other car parts places.
On a 1-10 scale I'd rate them as 0.5
They rate 0 for durability (lasted just over 5,000km on brand new clean rotors on our runabout).
I'd rate them 0 for general quality, the rivet holding the "squeakers" was loose, and the squeaker insert bent, so that they didn't squeak (kind of important as I wouldn't normally bother checking them after only doing a few thousand km - they got picked up on a WOF check, with only a couple of mm left).They were also not sized quite right, the back plate was cut a little small, so they rattled in the calipers.
Value for money I'd rate them also as 0 - for less than twice the price, you can get pads which last at least 4x as long.
Safety - well they seemed to work, brakes always felt fine, but that was just in a runabout.
Verdict - Never again.

steve312, Aug 6, 3:08am
Thermo Quiet and TRW Dtech from Repco both work well, wear well and don't squeal.C Plus and Bendix from BNT are of the same quality.Wouldn't touch Silverline of any type and don't like Ferodo.

realtrader1, Aug 6, 3:23am
I have heard bad reports about Silverline so your comment doesn't surprise me.Though, I have been told earlier Silverline XL were terrible but that they now produce a far better pad, the SPC.Do you know if yours were XL or SPC!

thunderbolt, Aug 6, 4:08am
Maybe you should read the back of the Thermo Quiet box Steve.
They are a good pad though as stated.

steve312, Aug 6, 4:28am
I am aware of who makes them, thats why I specified the different pads brand names.I stand by my view on the Ferodo pads with the exception of the Thermo Quiet.I have found the other Ferodo pads to be very hard on rotors and very dusty and noisey.

I have just fitted a set of Thermo Quiets to my Hilux to try them out after having Bendix 4WD pads in it and I am very pleased with the stopping power and lack of dust and noise.

zephyrheaven, Aug 6, 5:06am
CP from BNT all the way, fitted Bendix for many many years but they changed compound a few years ago - endless squeaks & moaning customers (myself incl the ones in my 'cruiser couldnt pull up a bloody Suzuki let alone a 3 tonne 4x4) so I have biffed them forever

Couldnt be happier

Avoid Ferodo & silverline etc - dusty as & last bugger all

realtrader1, Aug 6, 5:14am
Sounds good, I think I will go for CP!Am still curious though as to whether or not, more recently, at least, Silverline may now be a better product with its SLP pad.Does anyone know.I am not deperate to buy Silverline, I am curious though.I mean, look at the new generation Skoda and the 70's Skoda as an example.or are they no better!

unbeatabull, Aug 6, 6:42am
The CP are actually a cheaper/rebrand of Bendix made in the same factory, so my BNT Rep told me.

hollyshaw, Aug 6, 6:57am
CP from BNT have minimal dust so good for silver and white mag wheels :)

aragorn2003, Aug 6, 7:03am
Just out of curiosity whats the general price for the CP Ceramics from BNT! Needing some for my Subaru wagon.

bevharris1938, Aug 6, 7:16am
we fitted bendix to our falcon 07 , 6months they were good as , now they just squeek all the time

unbeatabull, Aug 6, 7:23am
Squeaking is normally from people fitting them dry without any lube/grease and anti squeak shims/spray, or from lips on the rotors.

alltorque350, Aug 6, 7:34am
$50 - $60. Great pads.

intrade, Aug 6, 7:44am
i get cheapest ones from supersheep. for my hilux ssr i got pads for 9 bux they where 12 and was 25% off day lol they are as good as others i towed a few unbraked trailers and they faded the same as more expensive ones. Also fit them to any other car most times 26$ however per set ferro and there likes are 50$ upwards

clark20, Aug 6, 8:14am
I use CT from BNT on my Commodore and they are great, heaps less dust

zephyrheaven, Aug 6, 8:17am

unbeatabull, Aug 6, 8:22am
That'd be about right, typical Parts Rep's not having their facts right!

realtrader1, Aug 6, 10:15am
Well, the MB is working well.I like the sound of CP's from BNT and looks like the way to go.Someone MUST know about the SLP Silverline pads, NOT the earlier XL pads which were apparently 'claytons'.Apparently they, (the SLP's), have 4 star safety rating.Anyway, that's just curiosity value.

savanna71, Aug 6, 10:21am
Akebono would be the best hands down if you can find them

carclan, Aug 6, 10:28am
Go genuine, I always do

ryans, Aug 6, 10:33am
I used to get Lucas ones from Repco, I think they now sell TRW in its place, which I have on my Legacy.
I speed (in appropriate areas) and have never needed a brake pad any better, no squeeks, they stop me well, they're also cheap.

morrisman1, Aug 6, 10:33am
CP from BNT have done me well too, no complaints. Have used them on a couple applications and will shortly be testing them at the track too (gets us started, rather than putting $700 worth of pads in) so that will be a good test of their fade resistance and performance.

I do like that they are quite a firm pad, the pedal feels nice and solid with them rather than feeling like Im pushing a block of cheese against the rotor. It also seems like they like a bit of heat to work well. Doing handbrakies in the sentra it makes a good difference if you warm up the brakes before hand, then they grab real good.

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