Petrol tank glue,is there one?

russ39, Aug 3, 9:09am
got a leak in the seam of a fuel tank on a chainsaw.anyone ever sucessfully glued one up!all help appreciated

chris.f, Aug 3, 9:39am
I always used a block of soap rubbed over and into a crack on a tank and always worked for me though seldom permanent. Mind you those were the days when I also stuffed wet toilet paper between the block and water pump to stop water pump leaks. That was permanent!

purple666, Aug 3, 9:48am
Araldite is fuel proof, works on metal tanks.

tool_shop173, Aug 3, 10:01am
Try hylomar it resists petrol.

gizmsme, Aug 3, 10:35am
That knead it stuff is the best product I have used on fuel tanks. It's made by Selleys.

cheviot, Aug 3, 11:03am
Holts make a fuel tank sealer.

kazbanz, Aug 3, 9:05pm
Hang on guys---this chain saw -is it a two stroke with a plastic fuel tank!
If so its an utter barsteward to fix propperly because the two stroke oil soaks into the crack.Basicly you need to get all that plastic clean -like all the two stroke oil gone before you can glue it. I use araldite once Ive cleaned it

the-lada-dude, Aug 3, 9:14pm
get an electric soldering iron, and plastic weld it, clean up tank and crack with clean solvent first. but why did it crack and leak to start with ! you may find it will crack again, after repair, probably vibration has caused material fatigue, and you'll be pushing shi. up hill with a sharp stick !

floscey, Aug 3, 10:21pm
is it seperate tank or part of the chassis /handle .

cheapheatwood, Aug 4, 7:37am
one is a two piece tank with a seam down the middle,the other has been dropped on its corner and has a minor fracture

gammelvind, Aug 4, 9:48am
POR15 make a tank seal and repair kit.

trade4us2, Aug 4, 10:40am
How about a hot glue gun!

thejazzpianoma, Aug 4, 10:50pm
As much as I love that kit I wouldn't use it for this application as Kazbanz pointed out being plastic and oily.

whqqsh, Aug 4, 10:53pm
somewhere I have a stick of stuff that just looks like a black crayon (bought it years ago out of interest at an old engineering shop), never used it but apparently you just smear it into the split or hole & it seals & sets, Ill keep an eye out for it when Im in the garage today

penneyless, Aug 5, 5:21am
there yoused to be a product out there it was like a two pot mix that yah stirred together an it turned green it worked on plastic or metal for that perpose

movnon, Aug 5, 9:46am
yep that used to work but haven't seen it around for years. Can you still get it!

4piggy, Aug 6, 9:33am
supercheap have fuel tank repair kits, permatex brand to suit steel or plastic tanks

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