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homestead_tm, Aug 22, 9:01am
before being sold or is it advisable to service such when purchasing - I know they have to go through a stringent compliance test but would presume that would be different to a full service -

tgray, Aug 22, 9:08am
Compliance has nothing to do with whether or not a service has been done.
It nothing else, just change oil and filter. Cost you $40 in product.

johnf_456, Aug 22, 9:16am
Costs more than 30 bucks for a oil & filter on most cars unless you get a cheap heavy warehouse grade oi.

tgray, Aug 22, 9:19am
the public can buy most oil filters for less than $15 in retail shops like super cheap etc.

johnf_456, Aug 22, 9:21am
I meant to say for a good quality oil and filter that is not a cheap heavy grade oil. Like you typically get at the warehouse for 18 bucks give or take typical 20w 50

bmwnz, Aug 22, 9:32am
Whenever I've bought a used car, I have always done an oil change/filter etc immediately. Peace of mind, plus I service my cars regularly and it gives me a valid starting point.

franc123, Aug 22, 10:02am
Unless the seller tells you and can prove otherwise, generally no. Its best with fresh imports to get everything checked out and changed if need be, this includes but isn't restricted to, auto trans and axle oils, brake fluid, coolant, power steer fluid, air/fuel filters and the pollen filter if it has one. Its also a good idea to get the timing belt if fitted, and drive belts, as well as the spark plugs checked at the same time. You will have a far better picture of what your future servicing expenses will be, and above all is an investment in reliability and efficient running/fuel use. Be aware when people use the term "full service", especially dealers, most wouldn't have a clue what that meant, it normally means an engine oil and filter change which is only a component of servicing.

homestead_tm, Aug 22, 11:15am
great info - thank you for that -

kyussr32, Aug 23, 2:05am
Totally agree, when buying a new import I set aside approx $800 and get done all the major fluids: Oil, Trans flush, coolant, brake fluid. Then you know its done and can expect some good years of motoring.

brapbrappy, Aug 23, 2:29am
How doeschanging a few fluids and filtersguarantee " years of good motoring". While this is admirable it in no wayprovides you witha guarantee you wont have any mechanical problems

johnf_456, Aug 23, 2:36am
Reminds of the sort people that think because their car passed a wof no repairs and work needs doing for the next 6 months.

bellky, Aug 23, 2:46am
So where do you get 4ltrs of 10 or 15 40 for $25!

johnf_456, Aug 23, 2:52am
I would like to know as well

jmma, Aug 23, 3:19am

bellky, Aug 23, 3:23am
Yep that oil is $10 off so normally $40, and I wouldn't use any other filter than Ryco circa $15 = $55.00.

kyussr32, Aug 23, 3:45am
Umm, nowhere did I say guarantee!

In my experience a thorough service schedule will prevent most mechanical problems. I drive for a job and have had 2 Starlets in the last 6 years, fresh imports I have taken from 70k to 350k with no major issues. Only wear and tear items like cv joints and engine mounts being the biggest issues I had.
Original engine and trans never had any troubles because I maintained everything well.

kazbanz, Aug 23, 6:12am
I'd remove the "fresh import" commentand simply think the same way regardless of where the car has come from as far as servicing is concerned.
If the seller can't produce an itemised invoice or ten showing specifically what servicing has been carried out then I'd suggest following francs advice -well ALMOST.
The exception would be the brake fluid because that is an item that is checked for contamination at compliance.Basicly if it isn't completely clean then it has to be changed.
Oil,filter and air filter change you expect from a dealer. Tranz flush not so much. BUT ask the qiestion
plugs mmmm now thats a sticky one because plugs are rated to 100000km nowadays

brapbrappy, Aug 23, 8:31pm
You used the term "expect"which, in context, is almost the same as guarantee. And it is what you were implying. The fact that you had noengine or transmission troubles in 2 cars you have driven 280km can probably be put more down to luck than good maintanence.But your point that doing these maintenance tasks as soon as you get the car is good advice but it doesnt mean you can expect a trouble free run. 280Km isa very long run without issues that "regular maintenance" wont account for. Of course "regular maintenance" could include major work like valve grinds and decarb work.

smac, Aug 23, 8:36pm
Balls. Does regular maintenance increase the likelihood of a reliable car! Yes. Is it something to be expected! Yes. Is 280k an overly long period to expect it for! No.

kazbanz, Aug 23, 8:57pm
You know I can actually see where you are comeing from but I don't think you are thinking it through properly.
I agree with you 100% that regardless of how well a car is maintained "sudden and unforseen" failures of major components can occur. --BUT WAIT.
I'm gonna use an extreme case to inllustrate.
A MX race bike.-It gets jumpedthumped.Is virtually always at redline . In other words gets a hard life.
A good owner will be cleaning the bike after every race. It will be stripped down every meeting. Every nut /bolt /inkage is checked over.
Why! Ignoring the last 2% performance gain having the bike "tight" makesits so the team is quickly able to identify minor mechainical issues before they become major.
Clearly a family car isn't a racebike but the same principle applies.
Change oil regularly to remove the pollutants that cause piston ring issues and faster bearing failure
ensure the anti corrossive (anti freeze) in the engine is in good condition means no alloy "rust" inside the engine.Just being there doing that means that you spot stuff likeCv boot starting to split--replace it and repack the cv
You see the point!
You see what I mean!

kyussr32, Aug 23, 9:52pm
I don't see why people see cars as ticking financial timebombs, ready to spit their innards over the road at any random time.
If you buy well (good check over etc, repuatable make/model) and service well, drive with a little mechanical sympathy then there is no reason not to expect years of motoring with only regular maintenance. Of course this is no guarantee, but I do expect it.
Of course if you have a Fiat Punto, then you probably get what you deserve (sorry Jazz, just jks).

bellky, Aug 23, 9:55pm

kcc55a, Aug 23, 11:13pm
Disagree 280k is an overly longperiod to go on most cars. Only a very lucky few get that far without major work. Now we will gets lots of posts about their Nissan XXX thats done 500,000 without any repairs.

johnf_456, Aug 23, 11:19pm
Certainly more than the amount originally stated earlier up.

kazbanz, Aug 23, 11:34pm
Im sorry KCC I totally disagree with you.Cars nowadays get to 280k with no major issues at all.
To be honest I think cars were able to easilly do more than 200k in the 1980's but EVERYBODY used to wind speedo's back. Dealers with fresh imports and everybody else with the NZ new stuff.
Nowadays we are seeing the true milage a car is capable off

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