Battery or starter motor?

snowfly, Sep 18, 3:14am
Our Primera (P11) wouldn't start again this morning (after 20 mins drive).
Past few weeks has been slow to start, taking a couple of turn overs.
Started with jumper leads, managed to get home.

At home tested battery with multimeter:
Not going: 12.25v
Low point during starting: 6.39v (managed to start)
Car idling: 14.28v

Compared to my X-trail, not going: 12.86v, starting: 10v, idling: 14.39v

A few months ago had the primera battery on a charger over night.
But last few weeks its taking longer to start (sometimes having to turn key over twice).

Is the battery no longer holding charge and time for a new one! (as the low 6.39v recording might suggest, battery can't support load)
Or is it the starter motor draining too much! I would have thought if it was the starter motor then I would have heard clicking!


therafter1, Sep 18, 3:19am
They have a very weak starter motor, so my guess would be starter motor.

lyonruge, Sep 18, 3:20am
Sounds like a battery fault, we test and fit for free if you buy battery from us, probably find a similar shop where you are.

bellky, Sep 18, 3:23am
Battery no good. Load test to confirm.

therafter1, Sep 18, 3:25am
Jump leads from the x-trail will tell you, if it still cranks slowly, then it is the start motor.

Have you had the battery properly load tested, multimeters don't really tell you much in these scenario's.

mrfxit, Sep 18, 3:33am
Starter motors are fine, It's the bush's that wear out badly.
Get your battery tested at a sparkys FIRST, then a "start drain test" & after that pop a new/ well known goodbattery in for a test.
Could easily be either way with those.

snowfly, Sep 18, 3:33am
With jumper leads from the x-trail, the primera starts normally. Removed leads and the primera only just starts the second time, cranking slowly.

jason18, Sep 18, 3:37am
Yeap battery then

snowfly, Sep 18, 4:46am
Any recommendations on best place to buy a battery, that isn't the most expensive!

un_known, Sep 18, 5:05am
definitely battery.measuring voltage while cranking is a load test and it shouldnt drop under 9.6v.

but before you buy a new one go get some epsom salts and some distilled water.fill the battery up with a solution of epsom salts, search online for correct ratio and put it on charge preferably one with a pulse function.

people have said you can get an extra 3 years doing that im not sure about that but it will get you going until you can get a replacement.Ive brought batteries back to life that have been dead for years using the same method.

scarey65, Sep 18, 5:23am
you get what you pay a good one and problem gone !


mrfxit, Sep 18, 5:26am
Been there DONE THAT with a 96 bluebird Atessa (same engine & body as the Primera's)
Dropped a new battery in & it was good for a month, then the starter jammed.
Badly worn bush's let the armature contact the windings & shorted the current.

6 of 1 & half dozen of the other (50/50)

intrade, Sep 18, 5:27am
battery should be cheap supercharge gold or what ever new id get one with 36 month warranty if you keep the car. probably 120$

mrfxit, Sep 18, 5:29am
That series of Nissans has really cruddy starter motor bush's & it's a very common problem.
Can get a replacement brand new off here for $180.
Borrow a confirmed good battery for a few days before you splash out on a new battery.

& the starters can be a pig to swap over, not hard, just a pig.

intrade, Sep 18, 5:29am
i would remove the starter and check it out befor id buy a new battery maintainace on starter wont hurt in any case .

mrfxit, Sep 18, 5:57am
LOL, whens the last time you did a Primera starter,. Tho, they are easier then the Atessa awd version

petermcg, Sep 18, 6:04am

thewomble1, Sep 18, 10:33am
If you fit a new battery get the alternator point stuffing up another battery by over charging or under charging. AS well as getting starter checked.

tazcsv, Sep 18, 9:40pm
Sounds like my subby, it would get slower at starting then it wouldnt start
put a new battery in and all good for a month then it all started again.
$25 for new bushes and half an hours work and its never missed a beat since.

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