Key stuck in Ignition on Acc. Toyota Caldina-

wiggle4, Oct 18, 5:38am
Tonight the key in my ignition got stuck, it will turn on and back to acc but not in to come out, have disconnected the battery until tomorrow when I can drive back into town- anyone got any suggestions of a good locksmith/ auto electrician or how to fix it myself!

grangies, Oct 18, 5:48am
Is it a normal steel key!

Or does it have a plastic shroud on the grip.!

If you have a shroud or any gimmicky souvenir key cover, they can sometimes slip forward and render the key unable to go in far enough to get past the acc position and into the off.

mrgts4, Oct 18, 5:55am
Is the car an auto. Make sure it is in park otherwise the key wont come out.

wiggle4, Oct 18, 6:11am
thanks guys- its a normal toyotakey- hard plastic end, and have it in park but wont budge :(

grangies, Oct 18, 6:41am
Have you tried vigorously shaking the steering wheel left to right, while doing the same thing with the key!

peril787b1, Oct 18, 6:43am
Try moving the gear lever out of park, all the way down and then back to park. Might help.

gizmsme, Oct 18, 6:48am
Worst case is you have to undo the plastic column shroud, near back of the round part that houses the lock you "should" find a pin sized hole.Push a small nail or similar in that hole while pulling out wards on key and the complete lock will come out in your hand.This should make repair easy and car can be stopped and started like you stole it lol.This system only works with key in and on ACC.Good luck .

ceebee2, Oct 19, 1:21am
Easiest way I have found is spray WD40 in the key hole and then violently hit (using fist palm) the dash nearest the key.rattles the tumblers and almost always works (You may need to expose the steering shaft by removing the plastic shrouds.). NOTE - Do not hit steering wheel.

wimwom, Oct 19, 4:44am
Each to their own but putting any kind of liquid in a lock is about as far from fixing it as you can possibly get.

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