Power steering pump

planted4u, Oct 21, 12:52am
I have a 6v53t detroit in my launch. It has a vickers vtm42 power steering pump. I have just reinstalled engine and I am unable to get air out of the steering lines. I have had engine running and gone left to right on both the flybridge and downstairs steering many many times. I have losened of the fittings at the ram and gone left to right at both stations. There is no bleed niple on the pump. I have taken of the outlet pipe at the pump and made sure oil is there (engine not going at this point). Any help appreciated.

supernova2, Oct 21, 1:10am
Just a guess a low spot in the line and it's caused an air lock.Can you crack openthe pipes at the highest point and back fill the lines!

planted4u, Oct 21, 5:23am
Thanks supeernova. I went and changed the pump and all is fine. What a shit of a job as there is no room.

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