Battery dying . dead ?

hounddog2, Nov 3, 7:20am
G'day guys my battery seems to have slowly over the last few days discharged and went flat. I have since recharged and now this discharge happens more quickly (less than an hour when vehicle is switched off )

Have tested the amps it drains at 0.3 amps when alll is turned off is this normal !

So im asking do i need a new battery! (battery is 300cc and i am unsure of age )

I have an 1993 r32 skyline rb20det

phillip.weston, Nov 3, 7:27am
sounds like a dead battery.

msigg, Nov 3, 7:29am
dis-connect items and see what drops off. 300cc is a tiny battery.

pup2, Nov 3, 7:33am
0.3amps is to high. Indicates you have a drain on your battery. 0.03amps is about right. If 0.3 is a typo, then go get the battery checked

unbeatabull, Nov 3, 7:34am
0.3amps would be normal at first, see if it drops off after a few hours, but there will usually be a very small draw. Anything much higher then that would be of concern.

And 300cca seems way to small for a Turbo skyline. I'd check alternator & charging system as well.

hounddog2, Nov 3, 7:36am
Yer mate done ,thanks . Yo phill do you remember jared (joker) and dan (supra celica)

andrea_w, Nov 3, 7:40am
The battery on my R32 is 310CCA. never been a problem for the 2.5 - 3 years it's been there.

hounddog2, Nov 3, 7:45am
okay so its drawing 30 odd milliamps sound better!

owene, Nov 3, 8:41am
If it's a brand new 60AH battery and a drain of 0.3A is applied, it'll last 200 hours before it's flat. Sounds more like an electrical fault in the vehicle.

richard198, Nov 3, 8:43am
Unless the battery is crook. (OP didn't say brand new battery)

mantagsi, Nov 3, 8:47am
Pull off one of the battery leads, chuck an ammeter in series between lead and terminal, put it so you can see the display as you pull out fuses one by one and watch the drop off. If you don't know which fuse runs what circuit theres plenty of info, skylinesdownunder website etc no doubt. If some bugger has done a bit of a keen job and put an accessory off of any old 'hot' wire they could find, you will soon track it down with a bit of diligence. Good luck

intrade, Jan 26, 3:44pm
test the battery by disconnecting the minus therminal over night. If it has drained the battery the same as if it was connected then it is your battery that is about to die due to sulfation or other problems inside the battery. If however the battery does not lose power doing this for a few times, then you got a problem on your vehicle draining power. This is the easy diy version and only recommended on cars where the bordcomputer does not reset when you remove the battery . year 2000 citroen onwards are a example of needing a laptop to re-enable after disconection of the battery anything below 2000 should be fine from what i can guess , Professionals can diagnose the problem faster but there will be a charge the above is free diy and only do things like this if you know you can do it.