Carbon pile or digital battery tester

pup2, Nov 12, 6:49pm
Carbon pile with hydrometer. I like to see whats going on for myself. Still believe in charging up the battery and leaving it sitting for a couple of days and re testing as well. carbon pile and electric tester on the sealed batts

richard198, Nov 12, 8:39pm
Carbon pile puts a decent load on the battery.

ginga4lyfe, Nov 12, 9:45pm
I prefer carbon pile, its easyer toguess how long the battery will last that way :P

bill-robinson, Nov 12, 10:47pm
if you are going to guess, just guess, and buy beer with the equipment savings

mrfxit, Feb 24, 3:57pm
Agreed, both testers, digital for general testing & carbon pile for stress testing batterys on problem system diagnostics
4 to 6 hours after taken off the charger should be enough time for it to cool off & settle properly.
Sitting it on the concrete floor will cool it a little faster