Brake Noise

drew2009, Nov 12, 1:54am
Occasionally the rear brakes on my Honda Rafaga (4 Wheel Disc Brakes) make a clunk noise while braking. Usually while braking heavily but not always. I want to get this sorted and Im thinking the discs may be warped, but could be something else.
Any ideas where i should start looking and what i should be fixing!.

drew2009, Nov 12, 1:57am
Have even considered that it may be the rear suspension as brakes dont seem to bad.

kazbanz, Nov 12, 2:05am
definition please--by A clunk do you mean a single clunk or a series of clunks

therafter1, Nov 12, 2:06am
Does it happen after you have reversed !

Occasionally with after market pads the fit isn??

drew2009, Nov 12, 2:07am
Single clunk when pedal is depressed. Doesn't continue to clunk continuously.

drew2009, Nov 12, 2:08am
You may be right actually it does have cheap brake pads in the rear.

drew2009, Nov 12, 2:10am
Can anyone recommend a better quality replacement brake pad that won't do that!

therafter1, Nov 12, 2:12am
OE . but probably trial and error . it isn't a problem anyway as long as you know that is what it is, it isn??

bellky, Nov 12, 2:36am
could be this just as easily though

a.woodrow, Nov 12, 3:23am
Try Honda. you'll get what was designed for the car, price may be a little more though

bellky, Nov 12, 3:25am
if it's only that, it's not a problem

drew2009, Nov 13, 1:48am
Yeah just worried about pedantic wof inspectors giving me shit.
They fussy as hell when it comes to brakes, usually because they don't even grasp the concept of what theyre inspecting, so they just fail everything.
The noise is annoying to.

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