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barrie2, Jan 18, 7:44am
Car failed wof - "Rear Brake Worn Out - Below Minimum" was written on checksheet. Relative (ex- truck mechanic) inspected pads through wheel and says they have "plenty" of life left. Is there a minimum thickness ie a measurement! I am to have job done but uneasy of being ripped off.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 18, 7:45am
Did said relative check pads on the front and back of the disk!

franc123, Jan 18, 7:47am
On most cars the specified minimum is 1-1.5mm, if the pads aren't worn below this at their thinnest point it should be passed.

barrie2, Jan 18, 7:52am
#2 - only through wheel - from outside (not inner).

mechnificent, Jan 18, 7:52am
If you download a pdf workshop manual it will tell you the minimum thickness. I've also seen the information on a pad manufacturers web-site. I think it was bendix, could have been ferodo.

saxman99, Jan 18, 8:03am
Could also mean the disk itself is runout.I had that a few warrants ago, the pads were OK but the disk was naffed = fail.

barrie2, Jan 18, 8:24am
Definitely pads - ordered new ones whilst i was there. Should I ask for 'old' pads back when this replacement is done or just 'let it be'. Get on ok with garage but still a bit 'miffed' in case I could be getting shafted.

a.woodrow, Jan 18, 9:07am
You can't get an accurate view of the pads from through the wheel in most cars. You need to take the wheel off and inspect the pads directly, it's possible that the inner pads could be worn out but the outer pads look like brand new

jmma, Jan 18, 9:16am
They would have it on the hoist and can see the inner one.
Its your brakes, be safe, not sorry (o:

suplyuparts, Jan 18, 10:16am
$20 for new pads.get them change.Takes 15min to do both side.

jmma, Jan 18, 10:19am
Yeah, OK(o:

snoopy221, Jan 18, 10:27am
Cheers for that quote can i bring the XJS in tomorrow!

barrie2, Jan 18, 10:12pm
PT Cruiser, maybe multiply by 5 and you are close!:-(

kokako14, Jan 18, 10:28pm
Thats a long time to change pads. Seen it done at Bathurst while they fill the car with fuel, about 90 seconds max.

dave653, Jan 19, 2:08am
Yes. You still own the old parts, you are not trading them in on the new parts, it also keeps some 'specialists' in check, as I have rellies been ripped off with just a clean and refit. and charged for new.

neo_psy, Jan 19, 3:01am
Had a similar thing - got a "warning" on the WOF that front pads on the Legacy were on their way out. Got new pads to be on the safe side. Pulled the old pads out and they're fine.

In hindsight, I should have left the old pads in the box for a while until I actually needed them.

supernova2, Jan 19, 6:43am
I got a reject like that once.They assumed as fluid was a bit down from full that pads worn out.Parked on forecourt and pulled the pads and showed the dork.Passed.

As wof only a visual inspection don't see how can reject unless they can see the pads which in many cases you can't with the wheels on.

twink19, Jan 19, 6:56am
wait until there are no WOF inpections or ony every year or so, think of how many cars will have no brakes

franc123, Jan 19, 7:02am
Thats precisely why you were told to remove a wheel and prove the inspector wrong, some cars can be difficult to judge how worn is too worn due to caliper design and lack of clearance between rim and caliper. It is not the inspectors job to conduct a comprehensive brake check as part of the inspection and the fee paid for this.I suppose if the guy hadn't made any comment and your brakes started grinding three days after gaining your WOF because of worn pads he would still be a dork! Remember this is the fellow you asked to certify that your vehicle was safe, which was, shock horror for your benefit.

carkitter, Jan 19, 7:04am

TV3's Target has pulled up workshops for doing 'brake checks' without removing the wheels, it is a lazy practice that seems to have become commonplace again.

cowlover, Jan 19, 11:24am
As I understand it the condition of the pads and shoes has nothing to do with a wof.The vehicle either stops as required and therefore is a pass or it fails to stop and is a fail.Silly as it may sound what might happen tomorrow or even on the way back from the test is nothing to do with the wof rules.If the inspector can see the pads and there is a visable fault then a fail but it is not a fail if they simply think they might be close to worn out.

chebry, Jan 19, 7:46pm
Thats when numpties like you will be pedestrians if you cant maintain a car well enough to pass anual inspections you should stick to shoes

r15, Jan 19, 8:01pm
so for $90 you're telling me i can get a whole set of 4 pads fitted at a workshop!

mrfxit, Jan 19, 8:09pm
LOL. yea Tui . maybe for trade/wholesale pricing on the cheapest

franc123, Jan 19, 9:57pm
Wrong, it is a VIRM requirement that the pads and rotors are inspected in situ and failed if they are visually worn/suspected of being below manufacturers limits, or passed if its later proven that this is not the case, ditto shoe thickness is to be checked if inspection ports are provided in the backplates. Performance testing is only one component of the brake inspection requirements.

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