ratherbefishin, Apr 10, 8:54pm
I want to buy a boat but have been warned off some motors. your thoughts of what to buy and what not to buy and why?

brapbrap8, Apr 10, 8:56pm
What sort of age are you looking at? Newer is better as a general rule.

whqqsh, Apr 10, 9:13pm
be wary of older motors, I bought a boat with an older motor & most mechanics/shops wont even touch them.

bwg11, Apr 10, 10:20pm
If your budget is limited, go for a Yamaha two-stroke, thirsty, loud, good bottom-end power, dead reliable, parts available.

gmphil, Apr 10, 11:47pm
u no anything bout motors ? no = buy new or near new with service history , why = canny get out in push,

elect70, Apr 11, 3:24am
Only if can give it a good sea trial it it looks like its been well maintained & its got a mercury or johnson 2 stroke Ob as they carry spares for every motor they made even vintage , unlike japs who make theirs obsolete after 10 years or so . Not everyone can afford the $$ to buy new

bwg11, Apr 11, 3:38am
I would avoid Johnson or Evinrude from the late 1990's (after they went to direct injection using Fitch technology, until the ETEC of 2003. The Fitch technology was problematic and contributed to the bankruptcy of OMC in 2000.

edangus, Apr 11, 4:46am
Force has a bad name. We have one, but a later model - so all the gear is Mercury and readily available. Pre 96 is rubbish from what I have been told.

Edit to add: Since we have ironed out the wrinkles and replaced a few bits and pieces (Stator, Fuel Pump Gaskets, Coils, Plugs), its been a fantastic little motor.

mrcat1, Apr 11, 6:15am
I have a 2001 Johnson and it just has two big rows of carburettors, was it only certain models?

rema, Apr 11, 6:22am
try fishing.net,nz what sort of boating do you want to do .fishing.skiing.wakeboarding cruising and how many people and whats yr budget

bwg11, Apr 11, 7:32am
Yes, I stand corrected. AFAIK Injected Fitch motors started in 1997 with the V4's and in 1998 with V6's. The motivation was emissions, and it appears that carbed motors were produced alongside the Fitchs, may be after the Fitch problems emerged or for the export market to less environmentally aware countries?

mrcat1, Apr 12, 6:03am
NZ is a unregulated country in terms of emissions laws, maybe for cars but that's about it, everything else is open slather, and its Ficht injection as well.

bwg11, Apr 12, 9:17am
Yes, Ficht, point taken - apologies.

klrider, Apr 13, 8:01pm
Clearly you have never heard of Yamaha.

jancemord, Mar 15, 10:46am
+200 - Have a couple of them in the shed from 1999 150's great for a spare anchor - replaced with etec 90s

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