Suzuki Swift Maintenance Schedule

matt5209, Apr 24, 8:47am
Hi all,

Could anyone give me a rough idea of the maintenance schedule for a 2014 Swift? We bought the car as an import with literally about 20km on the clock. Unfortunately it didn't come with an English manual.

If someone could give us a steer on when we need to do the first few services and want is required we would appreciate it.


a.woodrow, Apr 24, 8:51am
You can buy manuals online from JPNZ (google them)

From memory (and depending on the engine) it's just oil and filter changes, check and replace spark plugs at 40k (standard plugs) brake fluid every two years and coolant at 60 or 80k I would have to check to be sure. No cambelt to worry about

grangies, Apr 24, 8:51am
Hey. It's in NZ now.

So all that's needed is a a yearly WOF for the next 10 years. And maybe an exterior wash with soap every 2 years.

skin1235, Apr 24, 9:05am
yep, they make them to last forever, no oil needed, no maintenance apart from drive it at least twice per week, you may need tyres after about 6 yrs, and wiper blades every other winter , any more than that is excessive and would indicate its a lemon

skin1235, Apr 24, 9:07am
or get the proper schedule ( in English ) from Susuki NZ, Heads Rd, Wanganui

bowla3, Apr 24, 9:16am
While on the subject of Suzuki Swift.
Family member has just got one, 2005 I think.
Top of dash is a clock, temperature gauge and something else ? re kms.
Said she could not find it in the manual. Any clues, please.

pauldw, Apr 24, 10:31am
Probably fuel use in either instantaneous km/l, average km/l or l per 100km.

aoc1, Apr 24, 10:33am
Mines a service every 15000kms.

kazbanz, Apr 24, 8:06pm
Matt5209 -given its in essence a brand new car I would be contacting Suzuki NZ for a service schedule.
Given the dealer did oil/filter change for you and everything safety wise was checked at compliance then that's the pre delivery stuff done as long as it was also gone over in japan
From there its something like 3000km first service/check
10000km next service then normal servicing after that.
But DON'T take my word for it.-again ask Suzuki

matt5209, Apr 25, 6:57am
Cheers all. I wasn't sure that Suzuki would be too keen to help as it's an import. I'll give them a call next week. Cheers.

kazbanz, Apr 25, 9:49am
matt--don't sweat it--Suzuki aren't as bone headed as some brands.

bwg11, Apr 25, 9:58am
Toyota are good about such issues too. I had an import Prado, and Toyota contacted me for the rear axle re-call. I would expect Suzuki to have similar policy.

vtecintegra, Apr 26, 2:38am
Yep can be switched between those with one of the little buttons. The average seems to be calculated over quite a long period.

kazbanz, Feb 24, 6:06pm
see if Audi/VW or merc or bmw do the same thing.---yea right

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