Reversing camera

aoc1, Nov 2, 1:16am
I was advised this wireless type are rubbish.

monaro17, Nov 2, 1:25am
Wireless are easier to Install but often have poor image quality. Go for a wired setup. In saying this I use a wireless one when towing. I put the camera in the rear window of my caravan and plug it into the power source there and it beams the image to the monitor I have setup in my car. Works very well and gives a brilliant view behind

kazbanz, Nov 2, 2:10am
Maybee I'm reading wrong but it looks like it can be set up wired or wireless. My only concern is the quality of the camera. or to rephrase the number of degrees it picks up.

johotech, Dec 3, 12:00am
Strange picture on the monitor in that ad, considering this is a reversing camera.

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