2001 audi a4 reversing camera

malulani_w, May 24, 12:03pm
Trying to retrofit an aftermarket reversing cam to the above car. The camera power feed is connected to the reverse light wire and grounded to the body. On initial test before the screen was hooked up (through the cigarette lighter) the reverse lights and camera led lights came on whilst car had ignition on and gear in reverse. hooked camera up to screen and put in reverse but now reverse lights won't go on unless backing up (foot on accelerator) and moving . Can anyone confirm my suspicion that the is a power/computer issue?

intrade, May 24, 7:46pm
more like you made a resistance issue with your extra wiring plumbed in

thejazzpianoma, Jan 15, 4:51pm
Hooking anything directly to the lighting circuit of a modern car is really a no no, it's not even a good idea to try it (unless you really know what you are doing).

I would use a very low trigger current, solid state relay and take a fresh power feed from something safe like the cigarette lighter for the load side. Much like you do when wiring a trailer plug with a universal bypass relay, except this is just for the one feed.

BTW, I suspect the reason the reversing lights come on once your foot is on the gas is because then the brake lights are no longer drawing current.

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