GPS with reversing camera

niall, Jul 13, 7:29am
what brand and where can you get one?

kazbanz, Jul 13, 7:39am
Where from. Any radio shop. Brand. That's up to personal choice. I prefer fitting JVC stuff but plenty of other options. To be clear in most cases the head unit is camera compatable. the camera itself is separate.

niall, Jul 13, 7:44am
I am hoping to a reversing camera that works with a gps unit as there is not enough room on my dash/consul for the likes of the 2 din units.

kazbanz, Jul 13, 7:54am
never personally seen it. I'd say you need a Mirror mounted rc then phone as your GPS OR Get one of those units that have a flip up/out screen for GPS

busdriverman, Jul 13, 9:38am
I have a Garmin 7 inch screen GPS that has a video input socket for a reverse camera. When it receives a video signal from the camera, it displays the camera view. I use it for the reverse camera on the rear of the caravan. When the camera is not powered on, the gps no longer receives video signal, and it resumes displaying the gps map. Hope this makes sense.

budgel, Jul 13, 10:25am
There are single din units that have a fold out screen.

msigg, Jul 13, 5:20pm
Plenty on Ali Express,

bashfulbro, Nov 26, 4:00pm

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