Reversing camera

pandana, Jun 29, 2:47pm
so my car came with one of those 50 buck useless larger mirrors that has a reversing camera in it and a event camera. the reversing camera is handy but the other is useless. I want to get rid of the installed mirror but keep the reversing camera. can I just buy a little screen and plug the camera in along with a power supply. ? or is there more to this. ( the camera has a microusb plug)

kazbanz, Jun 30, 11:37pm
Most of them clip over the existing mirror. . So no reason you couldn’t relocate the whole thing so your normal mirror is used and the reverse screen elsewhere Otherwise you need a whole other “head unit” ie the brains of the system is in the mirror not the camera.

pandana, Jul 1, 6:21pm
hey now there is a good idea. perhaps. all though that head unit also has a event camera which is always demanding an sd card.

If I chose to get a new head unit. / screen where would I look>

kazbanz, Jul 17, 3:47pm
any supplier of radios will have them

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