Reversing Camera

flossy64, Jul 3, 1:22pm
Thinking of putting a reversing camera in my ute. Due a to lack of dash space I'm contemplating one of those rear vision mirror jobbies. Are they any good?

annie17111, Jul 3, 1:58pm
My ute came with a rear vision mirror one and I find it really good.

scuba, Jul 3, 2:15pm
Just remember . You get what you pay for so do a bit of research on quality of different models- I bought a twin camera dash cam that changes to reversing camera when reverse gear is engaged.Mine was a cheapie for under a hundred dollars because i was curious so happy enough with what i got but there are much better quality out there for the appropriate price.Some of the mirror mounted ones look good.but quality of recording especially at night and contrasting light conditions ie deep shadows can tell the story

tweake, Jul 3, 4:18pm
it depends on what job your trying to do.
the mirrors ones can be ok for tow ball cameras, ie it looks at the tow ball.
but they tend to be hopeless for looking some distance away ie backing down a tight driveway. in that case bigger the screen the better.

flossy64, Jul 3, 4:21pm
Half of it is being able to see where some of my smaller trailers are when reversing. Dual axle with crate is fine, anything smaller and I cannot see it till it pokes out on the sidemirrors, sometimes thats too late

kazbanz, Jul 3, 9:14pm
Personally l don’t think much of the mirror mounted screens

pauldw, Jul 3, 10:47pm
I find that I use the reversing camera to check that nothing is behind me or how close something is then use the mirrors to reverse. The camera seems to lag real time when moving.

flossy64, Jul 4, 8:15am
I did wonder that, though thought that may be a problem specific to wireless set ups? Im going to go wired. Planning on running some power for rear worklights at the same time.

easygoer, Jul 4, 2:52pm
I find that reversing a trailer via the rear view camera is a waste of time as when the trailer is on the camera sees the trailer fine but the surroundings are obscured by it, I inevitably revert to the side mirrors.

annie17111, Jul 4, 7:41pm
mine doesn't lag at all

rodeorunch, Jul 15, 2:51am
I got a ebay one for the wife’s rav a few years ago.
Easy to install just don’t go for the stupid clip on ones that
Go on the factory mirror to big Bulky .
This replaces the mirror.
It was ok not at good as a factory camera but it was better
Than no camera.

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