Looking at 4x4 but wondering a couple things

mbikeman1, Mar 4, 7:13am
the mazda 2.6 petrol engines round the 90s are these generally ok?and also I know the Nissan td27 is a strong engine and the manual boxes do give up after a while but what are the autos like?

jasoo, Mar 4, 7:14am
V8 fuel consumption, 3 cyl performance

mbikeman1, Mar 4, 7:14am
just after a reliable hack for hunting /fishing and firewood

mbikeman1, Mar 4, 7:16am
I drive a vt comy at the moment and im jealous of the mileage some v8s get lol so gas consumption would just seem normal to me

gmphil, Mar 4, 7:39am
2.6 as in mazda marvie run forrest . notorious crackin heads when overheated

bwg11, Mar 4, 7:40am
TD27 autos are not brilliant. Mine died at 137k.

horses7, Mar 4, 7:54am
Cant go too far wrong with the Nissan,streets ahead of anything else of that era,auto better than manual but generally a good honest truck,still a few good ones out there,if you could go to the 3.2 even better

car27, Mar 4, 6:46pm
Go v6 petrol terrano thirsty but reliable and cheap to buy

mbikeman1, May 16, 9:15am
yeah i was worried about the mazdas and the overheating problems but thought id ask.ive know the petrol terranos to overheating problems also though.Only looking round the 3grand mark as that's what it would cost for a decent quad that would do the same things minus the whole trailering thing of course

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