Motor wont start . . .

paul567, Sep 16, 4:19am
I have a 2000 Ford Falcon Forte Wagon motor . . I dismantled the car so I could use motor for off roader . .I got it all connected up but it wont turn over.
Is their any way I can bypass the immobiliser . . ?

bigfatmat1, Sep 16, 4:51am
Was it a smart lock system or a smart shield system. Yes it is possible different methods for different systems

intrade, Sep 16, 4:53am
most antitheft system will crank and then just kill the engines spark and fuel after initial start up.
wont turn over sounds to me there is something else not right .

franc123, Sep 16, 6:02am
It will be Smartshield if the car was post June 1999,, unless you are running an aftermarket ECM its going to need the factory transponder ignition lock assembly, key and body module hooked up. It used to be and may well still be possible to get bypass modules for the older Smartlock system to avoid having to use all the above but how you do the same with Smartshield I don't know.

paul567, Sep 16, 7:50am
Whrn i turn the key on it wont turn over but their is a hand that illuminates and blinks fast . .

bigfatmat1, Sep 16, 8:04am
the hand is smartshield. You either add the bcm key and reader or get the ecm reprogrammed to remove imobiliser

elect70, Jun 19, 1:10am
Turf the electronics & put carb on it seeing as its offroad less to go wrong when your miles from civilisation .

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