Car antenna with power attached query.

petermcg, Feb 8, 12:39am
I have a car antenna that looks like it may have been on the roof of a euro car, it is only about 550mm when extended but has a circuit board about the size of a cig lighter, (in the base) with a red power cord attached. Just wondering what this is for , maybe ampilifier or band expander, but i just dont know.

callum.irvine, Feb 8, 1:28am
I would say amplifier rather than band expander.

Definitely radio? Could also be a CB, cell, or gps antenna

petermcg, Feb 8, 8:13am
The link below has a photo, it has a normal am fm plug on it.

petermcg, Jun 25, 9:14am
I think it may be an active antenna.

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