Hypothetical question: Buying from a dealer

timmo1, Jan 17, 9:25pm
Thanks for that- So these engines leak a bit due to being alloy? I managed to have a closer look yesterday, it's not coming from any one spot, just a thin coating of oil/residue around the head. No unsual smells etc when running.

rbd, Jan 18, 5:40am
I think they just leak because German design isn't as good as they continually tell you it is. :-) That said it isn't a difficult fix.

What model/era are you looking at? I'm soon to have a highly specced 2005 NZ new 530i Motorsport Touring for sale.

timmo1, Jan 18, 9:54am
Actually I've passed that one over now: It was a 130i Motorsport. decided to go for something a bit more practical and bit easier on the gas. if not quite as sonorous: A Golf GTi :)

phillip.weston, Jan 19, 10:50am
Timmo I'm disappointed. What happened to your 'Toyota is the best and only car for me' views?

stevo2, Jan 19, 4:40pm
Jazz' continued grinding finally wore him down.
Did I see them having coffees together the other day? hahahah

budgel, Jan 19, 8:07pm
Italian coffee?

timmo1, Jan 20, 2:31am
Well I can't say I ever held those views strongly, it was more a case of what was good for me at the time- I've had a few Toyotas, a few Mazdas. but today, looking at the market and what I needed, the Golf GTi won out :)
Practical (enough), fast (enough) fuel efficient (enough) and fun. It'll be sad to say goodbye to the MX5 though!

timmo1, Jan 15, 8:53pm
Say I buy a car from a dealer and I have an inkling that it has a non-terminal oil leak but buy it anyway. I take it to a garage after purchase who confirms that it needs a cam cover gasket replaced due to oil leaks (which may cause further issues like oil dripping onto exhaust etc). Is this covered by the CGA and would the dealer need to pay to put it right?

In more general terms, even if I, as the buyer, know about issues and buy anyway and the problem is 'non fatal', what does the dealer need to do, if anything, to fix it?


allan_mac, Jan 15, 8:59pm
If you know about the issues, why not just point them out to the dealer, and perhaps use that knowledge in your bargaining for the vehicle?

Otherwise it kind of looks like you are setting yourself up for an argument (hypothetically).

daz59, Jan 15, 11:48pm
Id say if you knew about it then you have no come back.
Its second hand its not new.

timmo1, Jan 16, 12:47am
I was just wondering where the line is drawn really- Say I buy it and have a hunch that the cam cover seal needs to be replaced at then bargain down to take that into account, but then go to get that fixed and see that the problem is more serious etc.

Basically, at what point is a problem just 'cosmetic' vs 'something that the dealer would need to fix'

tony461, Jan 16, 12:57am
If you haven't bought it yet, negotiate an agreement with the dealer. Whether you get it "as is" for a cheaper price, or whether he agrees to you having a mechanical check (your expense), and agree over any work needed from the report. If possible, get agreements written down.

If you've bought, with suspicions, I think it may already be your problem.

kazbanz, Jan 16, 9:27am
Buy from a dealer and the car has a minor leak.Then it get written into the VOSA that the buyer is aware of leaking rocker cover gasket.
You then can't come back to the dealer complaining it needs rocker cover gaskets etc.
If you are unaware of a leak then its covered by the dealer.
But if you were aware of a leak then Id be getting a full inspection to ensure it isn't a major.

phillip.weston, Jan 16, 1:46pm
I would be getting a pre-purchase inspection done before you buy it - that is if you are actually serious about buying it. That way the leak along with any other issues will be reported and you can use it as bargaining power.

I guess it all depends on the cost of the car and the cost of the valve cover seal replacement.

timmo1, Jan 16, 9:30pm
Yeah that's what I'm trying to balance in my head. Gasket replacement is around 3-400 dollars (bolts aren't reusable either), inspection via a specialist is $180.

_peas, Jan 17, 3:04am
What car is this? You aren't removing the head so I don't see why you can't use the bolts again (not TTY as some head bolts are) Seems steep for a rocker cover gasket unless you are talking about Subaru or V6 etc.

timmo1, Jan 17, 4:08am
It's a magnesium cover held on with aluminium bolts. You can only use them once. BMW with the N52 3.0 six

rbd, Aug 1, 8:52am
And don't let any of the bush mechanics on here tell you that the bolts can be reused! Mine were reused by the dealer that replaced the gasket. Apart from the one they replaced with a steel bolt. Idiots. Steel + magnesium = fizz. Another of the reused ones has now popped out. The set is around $120 from BMW NZ or a lot less from pelican parts.

These engines leak like sieves. Also check the oil cooler bolted to the oil filter housing. Very common. Also listen for ticking camshaft hydraulic tensioners. The ultimate BMW fix for that is a new head. they solved the issue in around 2009 from memory.

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