Guess what this damaged 2013 Landrover Defender

mopeds, Aug 14, 7:11am

bill1451, Aug 14, 7:17am
These are still a "truck" and handle like a brick, but because they are "landrover" people who dont know better go oohhh ahh and pay some silly money I, ll say $1.00 lol

inkapuka, Aug 14, 7:17am

iag.newzealand, Aug 14, 7:22am
$32.650 ?

seadubya, Aug 14, 7:27am
Airbags intact, did a truck back into it while it was parked?

stevo2, Aug 14, 7:40am

jmma, Aug 14, 7:42am

mopeds, Aug 14, 7:42am
18 K - I thought was a bargain considering how easy these things are to work on, I was expecting it to go for 30K but the engine must have scared people off.

bwg11, Oct 9, 5:25pm
I would have said about 20k. Probably only $37500 retail if it had not been bent. Could easily cost 10k to fix and will always have being de-reg on its record.

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