1998 Caldina drive shaft removal.

tintop, Sep 23, 3:43am
I am replacing the front inner cv boots on our ST215 Automatic.

No problems with the right one, outer transmission case bearing retained by a large internal ring clip.

But how in blazes is the left front drive shaft removed from the transmission ? I cant even see what retains it, let alone undo anything!


intrade, Sep 23, 3:57am
can you post pictures i never had much problems with toyota drive shafts removal so cant think of what your on about
do you want to pop the stubs out of the gearbox ?
most trans fluid will drain out thru the removed shaft if you do.

intrade, Sep 23, 4:03am
the shaftes sometimes have no clip because somone lost it so if you pull the boot pops the 3 bearings come out, be carfull these roller bearings fall apart and they got needle rollers , i use tape to hold the bearings on to the shafts with the stubs left in transmission

tintop, Sep 23, 4:06am
Yes - I want to get the stub out, I cut the boot away, removed the internal cv ring and pulled the inner balls and cage away from the housing.

I am thinking along the same line as you and guessing there is a wire circlip at the end of the inner stub.

On the right side however, the outer support bearing on the inner stub is retained by a wire circlip, and was no problem.

Fluid drained a couple of days ago. :)

I will give a gentle lever to the left inner later with a large screwdriver. :)

Dog walk time now before it gets dark

intrade, Sep 23, 4:09am
you get a drain bucket and then a big screwdriver behind the stub and trans housing you jamm the screwdriver in there hold the stub in hand and whack it out with leverage. they are just popping off .
replace the seals if you can can be tricky to install driveshaft seals without special tools and not damaging or destorting them however
putting them back in is usually more easy . you just aligne them and you give the driveshaft a nudge and they pop back in

tintop, Sep 23, 7:03am
Here are a couple of photos.

https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/413977163.jpg The inner left front CV from the outside. I have removed the boot, the retaining circlip wire, and pulled the innards of the joint out. https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/413978059.jpg

The same joint, but viewed from under the car.
The inner edge of the suspension sub-frame is at the bottom of the pic,
The left edge of the transmission curves down from upper left of the pic to lower right.
The inboard end of the CV housing is in the center of the picture. It has two slots ( one showing) that perhaps engage a special removal tool ?
But they look inviting enough to put in a biggish screwdriver and give it a whack on the end. :

What do you think ?

gmphil, Sep 23, 7:14am
i use a nail puller that a builder use kinda like small flat crow bar put in place wack with hammer .
same internal clip ring just sum are @unts to pop

intrade, Sep 23, 7:15am
The joints pop out of the box use crowbar behind cup and trans and give it a nudge they just leaver out . make sure the shaft has 3 roller bearings they fall apart an then you have a nightmares to reassemble and find the 100 of needle rollers .
These cups pop out of trans just push on might need some force builders crowbar is what I use ha-ha

tintop, May 18, 10:21am
I got 3 of those!

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