Toyota import change to NZ stereo unit

tamarillo, Apr 17, 1:18am
I bought a brand spanking new Toyota Nz toyota head unit for the specific Toyota sized double din, here on trademe, to replace the useless original in a 2005 mark X.
Fits perfectly, straight plug in of existing wiring, now I get nz stations, cd, Bluetooth, usb etcect for around $200. AND NO JAPANESE.
Can't promote the seller so you'll need to look it up, they had a few units, assume NOS.
Fan bloodytastic.

Only one cockup on fitting, I broke 2 flaps on the air outlet and can't seem to get just the outlet, or even better two flaps. Bugger.

intrade, Apr 17, 2:14am
WARNING! . will robinson.
warning. warning, warning.
radio is part of the cars modules it talks to , i hope you followed the colt thread with damaged computer. your toyota is not immune from exactly this.
Only use correct conversion plugs and research how to integrate the radio in to the system must be done .
audi turn down the volume on reverse gear selected and crank radio up on higher road noise etc. similar systems can be expected in 2005 onwards toyotas. So neve ever. Ever cut any wires and start messing with it if you dont know exactly what they are and what your doing.
This is basically just information as to why you need to do it correctly
like poster 1 did

kazbanz, Apr 17, 6:29am
INTRADE--dude read the post matey.--I know the units concerned and they are a FACTORY Toyota head unit. Unplug one unit and plug in the other. They do not have anything to do with any other part of the car.

Tamarillo--matey you shoulda posted up a How to thread and I would have gone through it with you.

tamarillo, Apr 17, 6:35am
Thanks kabanz. What I did was get old one out which didn't work, look at fittings and wiring,mand saw that indeed it had two plugs exactly the same so tried it first and it worked.
If it didn't look easy I certainly would have asked, thanks for thought.
I was a bit niave maybe, but did think that as it is genuine Toyota unit I should be okay. With no sound from old unit I couldn't test items like volume on reverse.
Niave yes, but I got away with it and also good. Hence post here though maybe I should add a disclaimer; don't blame me if you bugger it up!

Oh and I do agree with intrade never to cut wires. If it's not a plug and play I walk away. On my 98 audi I sourced wiring harness converter from someone I was put on to here, and he supplied me everything I needed to plug and play.

bigfatmat1, Apr 17, 8:27am
Bloody rough. lol if you need help on something like this in the future I am a local auto sparky. I don't charge for advice or a few mins of my time.

kazbanz, Apr 18, 9:27pm
sorry dude--I should take my own advice and read your entire post

kazbanz, Apr 18, 9:31pm
I have to ask now because its bugging the heck outa me--HOW did you break the vent flaps?
can you post up a pic of the busted flaps and where they are busted?

kazbanz, Apr 20, 12:16am
gwan tamarillo do tell. How did ya break them?

tamarillo, Apr 20, 4:36am
Heavy handed approach to getting the unit out. The unit with the flaps and hazard light switch needed to come out to get to fittings for the head u it and its surround. But being an odd import there was nothing on YouTube so just had to figure it out. All was going well untill my thumb pushed the flaps, they have tiny round fittings they hinge on and two broke. No way of fixing them, tried glue but just too small and delicate.

Each flap is an individual part, unlike some where it is one box of fixed flaps.

Found replacement unit at reasonable price and will see if others want some flaps! Bound to be others who have broken ones.

kazbanz, Mar 4, 8:58pm
Tamarillo--if you have all the parts then the way to fix it is to insert metal pins to take the weight.Ive heated pins to red hot and pushed them in to one side then with a jewellers drill drilled the other side thenn glued it all together.
The way to reduce the effect is to swap blades around so the non moving one is vertical at the top or bottom of the vent.

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