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johotech, May 11, 8:47am
Can't be done. Full replacement is the only sensible solution.
There are a few companies that specialize in in-built units.

Post your make, year and model and someone may have other solutions as well.

pc_uncorrect, May 11, 8:52am
I've lost count on how many of the japanese oem single/double din, combination stereo am/fm/nav/cd/dvd systems i've pulled & replaced with standard JVC/Sony/Panasonic >>>. systems.

brapbrap8, May 11, 9:19am
Navigation will not work, jap systems use a different type of GPS to what we have in this part of the world.

gammelvind, May 11, 9:20am
As the advertiser appears to be saying this will unlock the stereo but and this is the big but for you he cannot convert to English or have NZ maps. Also don't forget you will need a band expander to get a usable function out of the radio as the Japanese use a different bandwidth than here. End result rip it out and start again.

This is what the advertiser said.

For ERROR " Please insert Correct Map CD" only!

I can not convert to English or NZ map!

tamarillo, Feb 3, 9:10am
Op you bought a jap import with jap head unit. It wasn't meant to be sold elsewhere. You need to allow for a new head unit in your costings.

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