Subaru Power Steering Pump needed urgently

wyn15, Jul 15, 12:26pm
Hey, is there anyone out there that knows of where a power
steering pump can be purchased for a WRX STI
Part number: 34430-FE030

We have looked all over the place and have now run out of ideas.

Thanks heaps

poppy62, Jul 15, 1:52pm
Are they different to other Imprezas? May pay to take a trip to Pick a Part Takanini and check out all the Subarus. Usually items like power steer pumps don't vary a lot. Worth a $2 entrance fee.

supernova2, Jul 15, 2:44pm
Can your existing one not be repaired?

snoopy221, Jul 15, 2:50pm
Ya in Aucks give these fullas a call

serf407, Jul 15, 3:09pm

wyn15, Jul 15, 5:57pm
Hey guys and girls thanks for the input,
This model sti is different due to being first of the race breed models 2001, running a EJ207 pump position and configuration is different due to the thermostat housing.
It has a smaller mounting bracket, i have tried all wreckers from North to Christchurch and have been told the same thing over and over GOOD LUCK FINDING ONE OF THOSE!
Im hoping that someone out there is wrecking one, its my last resort as I cant even find one overseas, this doesn't have a used one and brand new is $1500 . again thanks for any input .

cabrio1, Jul 15, 5:59pm

snoopy221, Jul 15, 6:00pm

give them a ring been around for yonks

wyn15, Jul 15, 6:04pm
Thanks, will try these two as well.

snoopy221, Jul 15, 6:17pm
Quick google and it appears to cross over to
ERA Benelux SP81406 Hydraulic Pump
As in same pump used on other vehicles
also appears to fit a few years of roos

But as always dunno if Terry s still there but airflo have been rebuilding both pumps and racks for many many years and are a damn good reputable company

wyn15, Jul 15, 6:24pm
thanks, thats the right part. will ring them tomorrow

snoopy221, Jul 15, 6:34pm
Tell them Mike from Central motoring circa Nelson st city circa nineties personally referred and recommended them

ema671, Nov 21, 5:49am
call kiwi auto.he got to Blair or shun.70 ruru road Bromley

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