neville48, Jul 13, 10:07pm
this car has a alloy tappet cover with no plastic on the tappet cover. does this mean it is a cam chain not a cam belt ?

muppet_slayer, Jul 13, 11:01pm
There is usually no plastic on the tappet cover of a cambelt driven engine too. But there is usually a plastic cover at the front of the engine that butts up against the alloy tappet cover though making it's way down the front of the engine to the crank. If it has any plastic covers down the front of the engine then it is a cambelt driven engine.
Stop in at your local garage pop the hood and ask the mechanic there what it has.

intrade, Jul 14, 8:28am
aluminium cover or plastic is not a indicator. before manufacturer started cutting corners all covers and housings where made of aluminium who is more expensive and slower to produce then plastic garbage.
That is the only reason why they switched.
exept the timing belt cover was plastic .

intrade, Jul 14, 8:35am
just look up the engine www.carjam.co.nz number and google if it has a timing belt tensioner etc

kazbanz, Jul 14, 1:10pm
Its not then rocker cover you look at --its the side of the engine.

doriandarby, Jul 14, 7:37pm
I owned the same model and I'm very sure its got a timing belt.

bwg11, Dec 24, 10:48am
Yes, belt, Wife had one way back in the 90's.

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