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serf407, Jan 31, 2:13pm

cassina1, Jan 31, 2:35pm
I wonder how that's going to affect petrol car sales from now on or will it become an issue at the next election.

apollo11, Jan 31, 2:42pm
It's far enough into the future to be someone else's problem, politically speaking. Maybe there will be a large pool of cheap used ev's by then, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

curlcrown, Jan 31, 2:47pm
No more gas hobs either. I wonder if the greenies will still be allowed to buy gas canisters for the burners to heat up the knives?

nice_lady, Jan 31, 2:48pm

cassina1, Jan 31, 3:23pm
The huge pool of cheap EVs by then will all need expensive batteries costing more than the EVs are worth. After the second owner the life of an EV battery is likely to be very short at least for the most affordable ones. I wonder if the govt will end up forcing the price of petrol up to save the planet too.

sw20, Jan 31, 4:16pm
They will increase IMO.

randsdyson, Jan 31, 4:33pm
What will the Crematorium's use? without gas.

kestrel43, Jan 31, 4:33pm
The problem is NZ did everything wrong on the transport front over the last 50 years so the necessary correction is going to be much more painful than if emissions had been even slightly controlled.

apollo11, Jan 31, 5:02pm
Cremation causes air pollution. You'll end up being liquified or composted in future.

intrade, Jan 31, 5:05pm
how are they going to do this when they sign up free trade agreement with the worlds biggest pollutors and distructors f the planet. And they said trump was a bad president?

franc123, Jan 31, 5:22pm
It should occur to you that China will likely be the only country producing motor vehicles in 12 years time. You will be buying them or else

tygertung, Jan 31, 5:58pm
It should be a lot earlier than 2032, outrageous.

tgray, Jan 31, 6:39pm
Hopefully a change of Govt in the future will toss out this nonsense.

tony9, Jan 31, 6:41pm
It is a draft recommendation.

While electricity is to be used as the principle energy source for transport, process, residential heating etc., there is no indication of where this extra electricity will come from.

bill1451, Jan 31, 6:52pm
The movie "Fargo" they put some guy through a chipper/shredder. Food for thought good compost for the grapevine.

bill-robinson, Jan 31, 7:04pm
proves how a mouth can spoil a apparent image if it is left unattended. about what i expected.

apollo11, Jan 31, 7:32pm

tony9, Jan 31, 7:53pm
Which will still release CO2. The problem (which many seem to overlook) is that earth has pretty much only carbon based life forms. They absorb CO2 as they grow and release it all when they die. If you want to be carbon free you need to annihilate all living things. Maybe nuclear is the future.

bill-robinson, Jan 31, 7:53pm
what did we expect with a climate commission staffed by climate scientists who need the money so much as they cannot get a real job. they can all be the first to donate to the real cause of any change.

cassina1, Jan 31, 7:54pm
Sadly it wont as the ETS was not dropped by National after Labour introduced it. It could be inferred that the ETS plus Covid vaccinations are all part of the one world govt plan.

intrade, Jan 31, 8:06pm
well vote for ACT then like i did. if you dont want this nonsense of the knotheads

tamarillo, Jan 31, 8:17pm
Proposals in a draft plan. Unknot yer knickers people

nice_lady, Jan 31, 8:19pm
I just don't get how this ETS, yeah paying someone our hard earned dollars, helps the climate. Personally I think someone is getting very rich off this loaf of blocks.

kingfisher21, Jan 31, 8:27pm
It'll never happen.

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