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toenail, Dec 9, 8:13pm
ANCAP doesn't test maneuverability.

s_nz, Dec 9, 8:53pm
2230kg is the GVW of the rav4 hybrid. I.e. Fully fueled & loaded with roughly 500kg (depending on trim etc) of people and stuff. This is how the moose test is conducted.

The Kerb weght of the highest & heaviest "limited" spec of the rav4 hybrid is 1720 to 1745kg (must be some variation in the production process).

Toyota NZ defines Kerb weight as: "The weight of an empty vehicle without a payload or driver but including the maximum amounts of fuel, coolant and all items of standard equipment including the spare tyre & tools etc."

So the dry weight (no people, cargo, fuel, oil, coolant etc.) would be quite a bit less than the kerb weight.

When comparing between generations, note that many models grow significantly. Current Rav4 hybrid is wider, and only 65mm shorter than my RX400h (based on Toyota highlander platform). The rav4 runs taller tires too. It is reasonable to expect bigger cars to be heavier.

3tomany, Dec 9, 10:40pm
Good point. If the thing handles like a boat then that crash performance is going to be very important to you.

sr2, Oct 11, 9:05pm
Still a bit of a lard-arse for it's size.

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