Daihatsu Coo/Materia same stereo wiring as Toyota?

ambo11, Dec 7, 9:33am
Got a 2006 Daihatsu Coo for a runabout, apparently these are basically the same as a Toyota BB? My question is will the stereo wiring be the same, as in can I buy a used plug and play Toyota double din stereo and it will plug straight into the Coo wiring system?
Thank You

intrade, Dec 7, 9:46am
well most easy is to find out by removal and inspection of the wiring and plugs.

kazbanz, Dec 7, 10:14am
Ambo-short version YES
The wiring is the same for both

ambo11, Dec 7, 10:32am
Kaz, thank you. So if I want another plastic door lock opener (forget the name) as this has no actual key, would a Toyota BB OR Daihatsu fob thing be both the same, as in both programmable? Have a small alloy tag with a number on it for the one I have. Thanks for the help

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