2008 Toyota Porte Sway Bar Link

flower_tears, Dec 29, 2:41am
Hey Guys, looking for a place to buy 2 of those, preferably from Hamilton, otherwise I can drive to Auckland if needed.
Any suggestions on where I can buy new ones from?
It looks like

My exact Porte model info is TOYOTA PORTE NNP1# 2004.07-2012.06 [JP]


kazbanz, Dec 29, 9:20am
You don't need "Porte" sway bar links as such. They are a generic kit for smaller Toyota's of that Era. Porte/ sienta/ funcargo/raum etc
As such your local Toyota dealer should have them on the shelf. Or Repco /Super cheap. " The Mount shop" if they are open definitely have them.
Technically you will most find you don't need sway bar links as such--its actually sway bar link bushes usually need replacing
I STRONGLY recommend buying the "kit" which includes everything.That way if the threaded portion of the links is badly corroded you aren't stuck with a busted link rod when the threaded section breaks off. --That's VERY common.

itsafamilything, Dec 29, 9:23am
You wont need the complete thing (usually). Make sure the links are ok and take your reg no. and inspect the bushes top and bottom. If identical, count up how many you need and take one with you as a sample. No actually, take the link as well in case the complete unit is cheaper than the individual bushes! If reusing the nylock nuts just distort the end of the nut a bit (in a vice) so that the nylon has a bit more bite when refitting. This is where to go: https://www.mountshop.co.nz/contact.asp?FromDefault=Y

flower_tears, Dec 29, 9:48am
Thanks so much for your help guys 👍

itsafamilything, Oct 4, 5:04pm
All good! BTW as I say check the condition of the links and that means as has been pointed out check for corrosion and possibly wear on the steel from metal to metal contact. If all good AND the bushes are cheaper than the kits there will be no problem simply replacing the bushes. I would not go with nolathane unless this was original equipment and I doubt it would be. Links do snap though not only from being defective due to corrosion or wear. They can snap if you over tighten the link bushes. Winding up the nuts, top and bottom excessively puts undue stress on the link and the place it will sheer off is at the threaded end and it may not be the corrosion or even the wear but overtightening that does it! So be careful! After all that is a prime reason why these assemblies almost always use self locking nuts. ie so you can do the set up correctly. However often people over tighten these assemblies and PING!

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