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car__parts, Jul 14, 10:34pm
I have a 2000 pajero 6G74 DOHC GDI, I purchased in a thousand pieces and have put back together, Had crank ground, new bearings, rings, timing belt, water pump, oil pump. It has not been running for a long time, I have cranked it a few times and there is no sign of starting, what should I be looking for, not much experience with ECU controlled cars. Any Ideas to try?

s_nz, Jul 14, 10:55pm
Check the spark plugs are sparking when cranked.

mack77, Jul 14, 11:32pm
There are many sensors that can stop the engine getting spark or fuel.
I suggest that you download the free Mitsubishi Pajero workshop manual from the internet; as that is what I did when I did a lot of engine work on a NZ new version of the same year and engine as yours.

franc123, Jul 14, 11:35pm
Could be a million things. Basic checks of spark and fuel delivery need to be done first. I'm assuming here that the cam timing is correct and all the electrical.plugs are hooked up? Also the airflow meter and intake pipework is in place? The GDI system is fussy and if the plumbing has been apart some dirt could have got into the micro filters or maybe even the injectors have siezed. If this seems to be in order then the engine data may need analysed with a scanner to see what's what. Remember this is a high energy ignition and very high pressure fuel system, if you aren't confident to test it, don't.

mack77, Jul 15, 12:01am
I think that a good first move would be to connect up a 12 volt light bulb to the diagnostic trouble code connector on the left hand side of the dash and see what fault codes have been logged. Be wary of the high pressure fuel lines etc which may now be presurised.

intrade, Jul 15, 11:58am
gasoline direct injection. i had some freedome camper women turn up years ago of cause they got no money its wha its a good thing the virus wiped out all them freeloaders from visiting. but she looked pritty enough and since i hep anyone to e extent .
i digress To cut a long story short the drive by wire throttle has 2 motors one for idle speed and one for the driver imput. The idle speed one was broken so it had cold start problems stall issues .
i comanded it on with my launch and you could hear chrckrck. ckrk. i said that motor has broken teeth its why you have idle stall problems.
New units where not available only secoundhand.
She drove off not fixing it as she had no money and i was not going to buy and give it to her for free.
Next story
I had another client Who is quite wierd guess its because he lived at centerpoint that sex sect or what ever it once was. anyhow he comes racing up with this 2000 gdi mitsubishi i take one look see GDi on it and say i cant fix that sorry . why not because i cant get parts and that car is direct injected its a can of worms . i think he said he wont buy it then cant remember. but i was not going to waste my time.
Another story to add not mitsubishi but pukeot.
Right told a client many times i dont fix no psa garbage as they are faulty from new and i am not going to invest another 20 grand to fix garbage .
Anyhow he still turns up i said i can diagnose it maybe as the check engine light was on. So i pull my 3500$ scantool out hook it up loads of faults and my scantool cant comunicate with engine.
was usual Bsi errors like all them trasheaps have in other systems and no comunication errors. Sent him on his way to find somone else to fix it if he buys it but it wont be me.
1 week later i get 121 gig update for psa lol. So i said did you buy that thing i maybe able to scan it again now lol. He did not buy it the owner had something fixed on it i doubt that will last long .

intrade, Jul 15, 12:05pm
quote "what should I be looking for, not much experience with ECU controlled cars. Any Ideas to try?
that is going to be ultra difficult for you because a gdi is not just a normal fuel injection its a mix of a diesel and petrol as in direc injected gas with high pressure gasoline pump etc.
the good news is gdi are the first gasoline direct injectors and are simple as in therms of overall. but still way more difficult then port fuel injectors

intrade, Jul 15, 12:10pm
you will need to buy his book. but as i said if you dont know about normal fuel injection then that is going to climb mount Everest just after you decided to start doing sport. i would have to read up on it i have a license to his book somwhere. i recall it was not to hard to understand as i know Diesel from frank massey uk and bosch germany etc.

car__parts, Jul 15, 4:14pm
Which pinout would I connect to. I have eastablished no spark so now Im thinking engine immobiliser and it only come with 1 key that doesent look up to much.

rctr, Jul 15, 6:01pm
Common for the locating pins on back of crank pulley that locate crank angle sensor tone wheel to shear or bend during installation or removal. If the tone wheel is not located to crank ecu cannot find no 1 tdc so won't fire, can be checked with a scope without disassembly otherwise pull front of motor to check. if checking for fuel pressure Disconnect injectors hp pump doesn't create enough pressure when constantly cranking so can give a false result.
Low pressure pick up pumps are reasonably common to fail as is the main eng cont relay.

intrade, Jul 15, 6:04pm

mack77, Jul 15, 8:26pm
Mitsubishi Pajero GDI, 2000 is MUT-II; not OBD2,according to my genuine Mitsubishi Manual. As far as I am aware, only Mitsubishi franchise agents have the diagnostic equipment to analyse MUT-II.

As a matter of interest the chapter on servicing the GDI system has 246 pages and it all involves using the MUT-II equipment. This will give you some idea of the complexity of the GDI system.

car__parts, Jul 15, 9:20pm
I have no spark when cranking, I need to address this first but Im unsure how.
I am wondering if it could be immobiliser.

mack77, Jul 15, 9:47pm
There is a 16 pin connector(socket) under the dash on the LH side of the car. You may need to lie, face up, under there to locate it. Connect pin 1, the top LH "pin" at the widest part of the connector to earth. Turn on the ignition switch and watch the "Check Engine Lamp". At this stage ignore any of the other lamps that may be flashing.
To read the code:eg: Sw Ign 1.5s delay, lamp On for 1.5s, Off for 0.5s, On for 1.5s, pause 2s, on 0.5s, off 0.5s, on 0.5s, off 0.5s; followed by lamp sequence for next different fault code or repeats if only one fault code.
The code for my example above is 22 which is Crankshaft Position Sensor fault. There are many different engine fault codes!
Ignore my previous comment about using a light bulb(my bad memory).

mack77, Jul 15, 9:50pm
It could be that or it could equally be one or more of 99 other causes. I think that the best way to determine the cause or causes of this problem is to use methodical fault diagnosis.

bigfatmat1, Jul 15, 10:05pm
Didn't the v6 have that stupid power transistor that stopped power to coil sitting on top of engine think you can bridge it if you have no power at coil(s)

mack77, Jul 15, 10:06pm
Is your key fitted with a transponder. My ignition key has a 10mm thick black plastic part at the top part of the key. The transponder is embedded in there.

mack77, Jul 15, 10:23pm
Yes it does have a Power Transistor Unit that contains 4 transistors, but I don't think that bridging any of the connections from these embedded transistors will be of any help, as each transistor needs to be momentarily triggered on at the correct time(TDC) by the signal from the engine ECU. unit.

bigfatmat1, Jul 16, 6:53am
no the one I am thinking of is for powering the coil and can be bridged not for triggering the coil. Im not sure what the purpose is because most manufacturers just have a ign supply.

car__parts, Jul 16, 3:18pm
I am getting PO335 code for Crankshaft Position Sensor A circuit so I will tend to that first.

franc123, Jul 16, 3:37pm
Wasnt that Nissan ECCS that used that system? Ive not worked on one for years now but it seems to ring a bell.

bigfatmat1, Jul 16, 4:30pm
possibly cannot remember either but jeep did it too no crank signal no power to coil. Silly logic imo. Glad they don't do it anymore

mack77, Jul 18, 7:52pm
You obviously have OBDII, not MUTII. Is your Pajero NZ new or JDM?

intrade, Jul 19, 11:48am
mut is the factory scanner the II or two is the secound generation of the factory tool obd2 is a specified plug that was designed for global emissions. thru its pins also flow data of the factory tools. mitusbishy for a long time used Y cable to only give emission data via obd2
it is quite likely you need that y cable on a year 2000 to gain full acess to all codes. I do have that y cable and software with launch x432 idiag. but only with the mut will you be sure you dont miss anything and with a scope you can test sensor data anywhere if you know what it should be .

mack77, Jul 24, 6:18pm
Thanks "intrade" for your helpful information. Unfortunately although my comprehension skills aren't good enough to fully comprehend what you have written you have given me some clues.

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