Toyota Prius or Axio or Aqua ?

gazzat22, Jan 14, 1:58pm
Are there any great differences (apart from Size) in these three cars Thks PS asking for an elderly neighbour who is even more confused than me. !

kazbanz, Jan 14, 2:05pm
Simple version-NO
All of the Toyota Hybrids use the same technology. The variations are the 1800/1500/2400/2500 cc engine.
From a drivers prospective IMO it comes down to wanting a car that shouts "look at me Im a HYBRID" or wanting a car that gets on with the job and just happens to be a hybrid.
The prius and aqual are the shouty kind. The Axio and the fielder are just like any other car.
That's NOT talking about the plug in hybrids. just the standard type

Ive kinda simplified to make the point

vtecintegra, Jan 14, 2:39pm
The full size Prius has a larger battery and is more efficient than the Aqua/C or the Corolla based hybrids.

gazzat22, Jan 14, 3:52pm
Thanks .I,ve heard of the Prius , who hasnt but the Aqua is a new one on me and the AXIO appears to be a Hybrid Corolla.Seems to a cynic like me the main thing pushing EV,s and Hybrids is Governments particularly Doris Johnston talking about banning Fossil Fueled Cars. The way our English "cousins" have protested and ignored the lockdowns make it a very interesting prospect.Cheers

vtecintegra, Jan 14, 5:05pm
Those are still fossil fueled cars, just more efficient than non hybrids.

BTW the Aqua is called the Prius C in New Zealand, the Axio is the Japanese market narrow body Corolla and it's comes in hybrid and straight petrol versions.

gblack, Jan 14, 6:56pm
The Aqua / Prius C is a small Yaris sized car.

There is already another thread talking about them here; basically a good little car. Going for reasonable money so you are not paying a lot more for Hybrid.

Prius. if you have used an Uber or taxi in recent years, pretty high chance you have ridden in one and the fact they are thrashed as Uber/Taxis tells the story that they are efficient and reasonably spacious.

If Axio is on the list, then add Fielder (station wagon variant) and Corolla Hybrid. The Yaris also comes in Hybrid form now and will I guess replace the Aqua.

s_nz, Jan 14, 11:30pm
Prius C / Aqua is a small hatchback.

Axio is a very small sedan.

Prius is a a liftback, quite a bit larger than than the above two.

Drive-trains are very similar, but the first two get the 1.5L engine, and the prius (3rd & 4th gen) gets 1.8L. The prius despite being a larger more powerful car is more economical on fuel.

Does come down to how bigger car the buyer wants and what they like the appearance of.

kazbanz, Jan 15, 9:59am
Gazzat-I REALLY fancy a muffin and hot coffee. maybe if YOU go visit a dealer in westyland. 'I'm told" they have all those hybrids in stock. Then you could tell your mate about the different models.

kazbanz, Jan 15, 10:01am
I agree--just didn't want to confuse matters.

gazzat22, Jan 15, 10:05am
Kaz They,d be bad for your figure.Ever heard of a Toyota AYGO in NZ ?.My niece in the UK has one so I,m told.

kazbanz, Sep 27, 6:19pm
On a side note-Toyota actually do a fairly big range of Hybrids.
allowing we are talking 5-8 year old cars
Sai 2400cc sedan
Camry 2500cc sedan
Axio 1500 sedan
fielder 1500 wagon
Aurus/corolla 1500/1800 liftback
Estima 2400cc people mover
Alphard 2400cc people mover
Prius 1500/1800 liftback
Aqua 1500 hatch
Prius A 1800 wagon /7 seater

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