Road legal in the USA

tgray, Sep 11, 7:59am

tamarillo, Sep 11, 8:04am
From what I gather they merely have to pass a test of roadworthiness if stopped by law, rather than a test like ours. Guess local law turn blind eye when it’s for good cause. Neat.

tony9, Sep 11, 9:31am
There is wide variation between state in the US as to what vehicle mods are legal. A car can be legal in one state but cannot be driven in another state.

Just a small example.

If the OP vehicle is actually legal in Michigan it is likely illegal in most other states.

amasser, Sep 11, 10:18am
Why would you bother?

alowishes, Sep 11, 10:46am
Some of their laws are even more pedantic than some of ours, majority are more liberal.

alowishes, Sep 11, 10:46am
Boredom + ‘because they can’?

lookoutas, Sep 11, 1:07pm
All they've done is put an upside down body on a chassis.

tgray, Sep 11, 2:05pm
No $h1t.

lythande1, Sep 11, 2:10pm
I discovered yesterday that in the UK Classics (over 40 yrs) don't need warrants.

clark20, Nov 21, 8:16am
Try getting insurance, could be a problem

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