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blogzy, Oct 11, 6:06pm
What's a good quality, good price, chainsaw bar oil ?

serf407, Oct 11, 6:40pm

scuba, Oct 11, 7:09pm
Then again maybe we/they just took more care of what was burnt.

been to countless hangis- not a problem I've heard of before- unless they lubed hell out of the chain which is possible i guess. Not to say it never happens but more likely someone threw the wrong type of wood on there or started the fire with something tainted with oil.

framtech, Oct 11, 7:26pm
diff oil would be better for a chainsaw, you need a heavy weight oil, as far as hangi cooking goes, the fire is used to heat stones (rocks) so the oil fire wouldn't be near the food.

mrcat1, Oct 12, 12:54am
The best bar lube is from Gulf at Farmlands, I use it on my 48" bar cutting old gum logs and it keeps on really well.
Its like treacle out of the container, its a lot better than genuine Husky bar oil.

desmodave, Oct 12, 7:40am
Its a nice tacky brew and a good price if ya get it on special . Get in quick if there is decent storm as every1 will want it at the same time .

mrfxit, Oct 12, 8:29am
LOL, bollocks, more likely they used a drum of old oil to get the fire going properly

mrfxit, Oct 12, 8:32am
Checked on that a few months ago, modern oil heaters in the last 10-ish years (at least) are non cancerogenic & safe to use)

callum.irvine, Oct 12, 8:42am
What? People are still using mineral based bar oils? Seems a bit silly to be chucking yet more pollutants into our land. There is a decent range of vegetable oil based lubricants now. I use the stihl bioplus but there are plenty of others. Austria has banned petroleum based bar and chain oils. It is a shame we seem to have lost the way a bit in being a clean green pioneering country.

desmodave, Oct 12, 8:55am
Are there any potential issues using vegetable based lube you would care to mention that users should know about ?

framtech, Oct 12, 9:30pm
The world has truely gone nuts if chain oil is a issue cutting a bit of firewood.

tell me how many parts per million on a chip of sawdust is that? FFS these greenies need to get a life,, what about the billion cans of cat food they feed their pets with or the billions of tons of nylon carpet in their houses.

wind.turbine, Oct 13, 6:43am
used oil from the final drives of the tractor are great, nice and think and sticky

joanie32, Oct 13, 9:00am
Honestly, the best thing for a saw chain is saw chain oil.
If it’s a good brand it will have everything in it just for that application
It’s not outrageously expensive either

two9s, Oct 18, 10:18am
Far more likely that someone used a chainsaw to break down the beast, resulting in tainted meat. There's no way the miniscule amount of chain bar oil on the firewood has tainted the meat. It'll be all burnt ages before the stones are hot enough for the hangi to be put down.

gamefisher, Oct 18, 11:40am

ignoramus1, Oct 19, 8:38am
why would you bother using anything but proper chain lube on a chainsaw . i brought some good brand stuff recently and it was about $12? a liter .from Mitre 10 or bunnings . 4 liter pack worked out way cheaper but i dont use it enough to bother

wind.turbine, Oct 19, 6:49pm
if you buy a new well known brand chain saw then you will void any warranty by using anything other than their branded chain lube or 2 stroke oil.
they have additives that are particular to their products and when they test the oils when saw gets fixed and find the additives are not there then your on your own

lookoutas, Oct 19, 8:09pm
Not a good idea to "Light up the hangi with petrol"

desmodave, Oct 20, 5:52pm
Its ok , i asked the poster that bought it up . Maybe they just did a quick google to and never came back . Do you use whatever this link talks of ? and can you answer the question asked.

gamefisher, Oct 20, 8:14pm
I did clear felling of native and scrub for a couple of years many moons ago and always used proper bar lube as the chain last a lot longer than using waste oil. I have used vege oil domestically but vege oil oxidises and leave a tacky film if left and not cleaned. I would not use vege oil commercially but apart from the last sentence it my be OK.

201, Oct 22, 3:29pm
The correct chainsaw oil has what is called "film strenght" i.e. it's a bit like a spiders cobwebb. It's not actually an SAE 140 gear oil or particularly thick really. I used to sell 210 ltr drums of it back in the 1990s from Mobil distribution depot to the larger logging gangs. If you do very little chainsaw work then like a previous reply said a pack of SAE20w50 from RED Shed.
Hydraulic oil doesn't really have the viscosity or film strenght.

blogzy, Oct 22, 4:01pm
Instead of 20/W50 you may as well but the real deal "Total" chain oil in 20L pack at $5 per litre.

onl_148, Oct 22, 4:51pm
I always thought that hydraulic oil had all sort of additives to do with water / moisture displacements and anti-corrosive stuff. if you get some on the paint work of say a car it can "bugger up" the paint.
Sounds like the OP is a typical male. can not be bothered to read or follow the instruction and anything the suppler / manufacturer says. they know better. This is the very reason that in the business I work in no equipment or machinery is "fixed, adjusted, fiddled with or modified" by anybody except someone authorised to do it. DIY / weekend mechanics are sacked !

desmodave, Oct 22, 4:51pm
I have only had the pleasure of cleaning it out . I asked simply to see if the poster new what they were talking about , or did a quick google to join the party like .

appleman71, Apr 3, 2:27pm
bar lube?

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