2011 triton pushes water in header tank

boat3, Oct 31, 10:09pm
2.5 d.i.d,4x4,there is a well know problem with the 4d56t engine in aussie, that the block was not machined correctly and apparently there is problems with head gaskets sealing, if you google it its all over the internet, in aussie mitsi fit new engines, even out of warranty, or not the original owner, anyone heard of this problem in NZ, and what was done about it, cheers

sred69, Nov 1, 6:41am
9 years old, how many km, what services been done,
If it was a manufacturing defect it would of shown up long before now, 4D55/56 is not a new engine i was working on them in the mid 1980’s
You need to find out if gasket gone or head warped/ cracked plenty of. Coolant and the high pressure radiator cap fitted.

boat3, Nov 1, 7:35am
yes 127 kpa cap,plenty of coolant, they are quite different to the 80`s and early 90`s engine, the problem with the block is well documented,but will look into it today,probably a head gasket, i work on trucks not really having much to do with utes, so i`m not sure how common this is,if at all,its done 174,000 km now, they recalled them put 50% coolant in and high pressure cap,you cant even buy a 127 kpa cap probably a mitsi only thing,as i wanted to replace it but bnt and repco only stock 110 kpa

intrade, Nov 1, 9:07am
remember what i said they all cut corners . vw poo figthers are the twin turbos and any 1.4 Suv is a ticking bo**. Its not that everything got better its that everything has gotten so worse that they are all the same trash.
Sales rep with ranger told me his rear shocks leak oil they wont fix it as it is not worse enough for a warranty claim. Last thing id do is buy a ex leas they all dont do nothing till the warranty is expired and then company vehicles no cga apply.

supernova2, Nov 1, 10:23am

dlin9, Nov 1, 11:26am
Very much depends on the lease company. Some of them cut corners especially with pollen filters, air filters & valve clearances. SG Fleet seem to be the best at doing the full logbook service as per the manufacturer's schedule

shitehawk01, Nov 1, 12:05pm
well the confusing thing was the coolant was green and not being consumed,just had to syphon it out and put it back in the radiator,it was bubbling, we just blanked the egr port,into the egr valve,then bypassed the egr cooler,no bubbles,or pushing water so far,happy days!

intrade, Nov 1, 12:10pm
that would be a failed EGR cooler. as they are often water cooled and cores fail. same engeneering fault on twinturbo Vw . over 90% of problems are all due to emission crap. its why vw wrote a turn of emission programm in to the ecu. to make engines last longer.

keith190, Nov 1, 9:10pm
I have a 2010 2.5 TritonThe previous and first owner took it in for the 100 000 service (no problems just a service) and they said it would take 3 days as this model could have a problem and they put a brand new engine in it at no charge to him.Very good warrenty.

bigfatmat1, Oct 29, 1:00pm
Yep had one a few weeks ago block had to come out to be machined. Thicker headgasket fitted

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