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-mung-, Mar 23, 4:47pm
I bought a 2010 car late last year from a dealer, and everything is fine, except, a few weeks ago the aircon stopped blowing cold air.

I've been too busy to deal with it, especially since I had to try to figure out from the paperwork that I have if this is something that they are obliged to fix.

I still can't figure that part out.

So I'm not sure what to expect when I approach the dealer but I'd like to be prepared and understand my rights if any.

martin11, Mar 23, 4:50pm
Was it working properly when you did a PPI ?

desmodave, Mar 23, 4:58pm
What's your point if it recently stopped working ? . Are you a car dealer Martin ? .

msigg, Mar 23, 5:11pm
10 years old, I doubt you will be covered, A/C probably needs a bit of gas. Winter round the corner, don;t worry, summer put the window down, even in auckland it's only hot for 4 months a year.

tony9, Mar 23, 5:16pm
Maintaining the Aircon is maintenance to cover wear and tear, 11 years is earlyish for failure but still within the bounds of normality.

kazbanz, Mar 23, 5:22pm
By "late last year" what do you mean EXACTLY ?
What is the car and how many miles has it travelled ?
Before worrying about your "rights etc" I'd suggest if the ac SUDDENLY working then it may be as simple as a blown fuse so worth a look

curlcrown, Mar 23, 5:58pm
There are a few factors that are relivent. What was the date of purchace? What was the price of the car? How many km traveled at the time? How many km now? Did you buy the car as in idividaul or as a business? Even if bought as an idividual has it been used for comercial purposes? Where any special cliams made at time of purchace? One thing is for sure, the longer you leave it the less likely you are to be helped.

-mung-, Mar 24, 7:56am
Ah yeah that is a detail I forgot, I checked the A/C fuse, it's intact.

Date of purchase: 1st or 2nd of December.
Price: around $10k
km then: around 67,400
km now: hmmm, I haven't looked recently but probably under 68,000
bought as individual
used to get to work and back mostly

Price negotiations wound up with a 3-year mechanical breakdown warranty being included, which, I have no idea if that covers it, I suppose it depends on how you define breakdown.

I'm not looking to be combative with them, I just want to understand how this works really. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best etc.

strobo, Mar 24, 8:14am
spose ya want the dealer to replace the tyres and fill the tank now it's empty.
Only best way is just ring the dealer ( most are reasonable) and ask them is there any comeback on the A/C .explain it is now not working.or alternatively run past an A/C shop and have them "check it" and if they say its broken ,leaking a crook pressure switch or whatever .get a quote for repair and top up .then you can put that to the dealer and see what they say. It could be a simple fix done on the check . you dont have something other than it simply wont go. ie If you cant state exactly whats is at fault other than not working yo can't try and claim on it.

cattleshed, Mar 24, 9:48am
"spose ya want the dealer to replace the tyres and fill the tank now it's empty."

This is uncalled for and rude toward someone asking a legitimate question.

kazbanz, Mar 24, 10:07am
Through no fault of your own--OR the dealers you have had a sudden and unforeseen failure in your vehicle. -It happens.
Clearly it is not a pre existing fault.
Given you paid really about 9k for your car and its only done 65000km (10 with MBI) you expect a bit more than 4 months from the AC.
My approach would be to go to the dealer principle of the dealership and ask them to organise repair of your AC. I'd suggest that being clear you are prepared to have the MBI used to cover the costs.
That said--There was a reason I asked for the model of your car.
There are common faults with some models that has a ballpark repair figure, --For example the 04 Falcon XR6 is known to bust the adjuster "lever" on the AC -part is about $30 the repair costs total $750

intrade, Mar 24, 10:32am
For AC work i dont know of 1 single person who serviced the aircondition. What they do is call me when it no longer woks. My generic answer to this is if you are not willing to spend 1000$ on your aircon then dont bother to bring it in at all.
the above post already highlights why .

martin11, Mar 24, 10:58am
Well over charging @$1000 ,had a new compresser fitted to my car and a/c refilled for 1/2 that .

kazbanz, Mar 24, 11:04am
Its entirely dependent on the year/make/model.
Some cars just to do a regas is $500

intrade, Mar 24, 11:07am
i did not say i charge that i said if your not willing to spend that i wont waste my time.
plus your job at that cost is highly unlikelly done correctly. as you got to flush the system for debrie and change dryer etc with labour its impossible to have been done for 500 bux.
debrie will nuke the next compressor if its present.
it can cost a lot more then a grand if you remove the dashboard to get to a evaporator on some models.

gpg58, Mar 24, 11:27am
You have checked fuse already, so next i would look to see if compressor clutch is operating -is both the outer part of compressor pulley(where belt drives it) and the inner section which drives compressor shaft rotating when ac is turned on. If you listen to it while someone else operates switch, you will likely hear a "clunk" when it operates.
Have not worked on them in many years, but back then it was often leaking flexible hoses, or the o-rings on the compressor flanges had got hard and no longer sealed, so losing its gas. Did see burnt out clutch once, and simple wire feeding it knocked out of connector once as well.(did not work on many cars).
Was it slowly dropping in performance, or working really good, then suddenly nothing?

kazbanz, Mar 24, 11:57am
Mung-The year /make model would really help here.

-mung-, Mar 24, 12:18pm
I *think* it was suddenly nothing. There was a really hot day and the car was parked outside so I put the A/C on and it just was not getting cold. Prior to that, I don't recall any noticeable issues, I'd only use it intermittently.

kazbanz, Mar 24, 12:42pm
OK now before going anywhere I would strongly suggest checking BOTH lots of fuses for the vehicle .Both the ones under the bonnet and the ones down by your knees

gazzat22, Mar 24, 12:51pm
My understanding is(I,m sure someone will contradict me) is that if the A/C is not used for sometime the seals dry out and the fluid leaks out.I always use the A/C in my cars at least once a week even if only for a short time as that lubricates the seals.

martin11, Mar 24, 12:52pm
86 Nissan skyline .

curlcrown, Mar 24, 6:11pm
I'd go with what Kaz said above. It may be as simple as low gas. If it is anything major the MBI would cover it on every policy I have seen.

-mung-, Mar 24, 9:10pm
Thank you, I had a quick look at what is apparently the main fusebox under the bonnet, though it was getting dark by the time I finished work so I will check again tomorrow, perhaps with a multimeter in hand because it was difficult to tell. Also I'm a bit unsure if that really is the main engine bay fusebox, it had only three fuses and they didn't appear to be removable. and it was attached to the positive terminal on the battery. which just seems weird to me.

kazbanz, Mar 25, 9:38am
I was being a tad obtuse sorry. My point was to check all possible fuses and fuse locations before anything else. Given it was a sudden and unexplained failure.
Beyond that I'd follow my earlier post.

saki, Aug 30, 3:45am
check the sight glass, I think it is on the liquid reciever, easy to find any way, any bubbles needs a recharge, also check clutch engagement of the AC compressor, check the appropriate fan turns on if you have two of them, all with the engine running of course.
you can buy A/C gas top up cans from auto part out lets use as per in structions, I did two cars for $80 worked well.

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