Alternative to battery operated impact gun.

blogzy, Sep 12, 8:02pm
I have read the battery impact gun thread below and I think for my home set-up I want to stick with my air tools. For home use I want to go air compressor as I also want to use spray gun, air gun.
Anyway my question is what compressor do I get. Don't need mega air volume. Long as it breaks crank pulley bolt.
(Only ever used my air tools at work but recently retired and now need to set up at home.)

gunhand, Sep 12, 8:06pm
The absolute biggest you can have on mains power. 15 or 16cfm but 12cfm works quite well. You can never have enough air and you will quickly regret a small pissy compressor. You can get good ones around 700 to 1000 bucks.

blogzy, Sep 12, 9:08pm
Any model up to $1000 stand out for reliability ?

gunhand, Sep 12, 9:15pm
Have a look at THE TOOL SHED web sight. Several choices. I have run a 12cfm in a full time paint shop and in ten years it popped its compressor head once which was cheap to replace. Make sure your power supply is good to your garage of course or you may find when compressor runs and you try and use another high drain tool you pop the overload.

sr2, Sep 13, 10:31am
As a rule of thumb anything below 12 cfm or 2.5 hp will cause you grief. As always you get what you pay for but don't forget here's some good 2nd hand units out there as well.

m16d, Nov 21, 11:04am

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